Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

Mom has always said Santa must be a North Carolina State University fan. He wears RED, WHITE and BLACK
Mom is letting me have today off away from the flashy box....

Mom loves poinsettias. She has heard that they are and are not safe to have around pets.

We don't have them in the house...she says better safe than sorry...

She does take lots of pictures of them

Mom's absolute favorite color in the world is RED. If cats came in RED I'd be RED!!!

Notice the little snow man in the middle of the red tree forest. Mom said he kept changing colors.

This shade of green on this stocking seems to be very popular this Christmas season.

We like it!!!

Thanks for letting us share some pretty Christmas things with you today,

Pictures taken at Logan's Trading Post a local Garden and Gift Shop.

Madi and Mom


  1. Madi,

    Thank you so much for the package!! I was so excited , I tackled Mom down at the front door for it..BOL! I LOVE MAIL!!

    I ate the greenies up so fast and ran off..we were not able to get any pictures...I do that sometimes.

    Mom is saving the other package for Christmas..she has hidden somewhere here..hmmm..

    Take care and stay warm..I am so glad to know you :)

    Licks from Texas--



    We got snow today..just for me!!! I think the Snow angels decided to give me a present!!

  2. We are going to be totally into the Christmas spirit this weekend! Our dad is going up in that pawesome, cats not allowed place, called the attic, to get the decorations. The little sisfurbean is furry excited to decorate too! We will plan on getting our tree next week and decorate it next Furriday night. But, we're getting a new roof in the next week or so and we can't have Christmas light outside yet. Mom's really bummed by this. But, she says as soon as they leave, up they go! thanks for sharing all the purrty stuff! We did miss Madi's sweet face though.

  3. Those are great pictures! We have a snowman kind of like that one in the picture - the glitter swirls and the colors change - I love lights that do that. And I love that "forest" of red trees - I actually thought about making a red ornament wreath this year but it doesn't go with our current Christmas theme. But I do love red a lot too - even when I was a little girl it was my favorite (I had red carpeting in my room!)

  4. Hi Madi, we just loved your pics today although of course we missed seeing you!
    We just love Christmas. We didn't know that ponsiettas are bad for pets! We have always had them although it was our first xmas here last year.
    Neither of us eat plants but now we will make sure they are in the conservatory!
    Such a lovely Santa too - we have a nice one who sits by the fire - he is still living in the loft!
    We have to gear Dad up for the annual trip to the North Pole to get all the stuff down.
    We are not allowed to forget anything - he does one trip and hands things down and thats it!
    Bah Humbug..........
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxxx

  5. HI Madi...yeah, M.O.M.'s favorite color is red too and I know she would be thrilled if she could get me in red!! The pictures of the red flower things are very pretty. I heard M.O.M. talking about finding things called decorations today too.. and a REAL tree to be in the house? Weird but maybe wonderful. I saw a photo of catsister when she was trying to get one of those decoration things off the tree last year. Maybe I can too this year! I will let you know! Mistaya

  6. Oh yes! Billys fave color is red too! I think a pretty red bow would look lovely on Madi! Your pics are just lovely!

  7. Hi Madi,
    We like the red things too, I think it might be Mom's favorite color! All the decorations are so pretty, we like the stocking. Is it filled with kitty goodies?
    Purrs and hugs,
    Miss Cindi Lou Who

  8. You're right, Santa must be a NCSU fan. Guess he'd look pretty silly dressed as a Duke fan, MOL! Mom is a Duke fan and she is all excited to watch them play tonight. Our dad is a Tarheels fan so it can get pretty interesting up in here!

  9. Hello Madi,
    How do you feel about Christmas? We like that Mom goes into all kinds of places in the house she doesn't normally go, so we get to investigate. But this fascination she has with lights -- I don't get it?! She loves Christmas and some guy named Santa Claus...


  10. Hi Madi!

    We always heard that poinsettia aren't good if an animal bites them. (you wouldn't bite it would you?)

    Oh and there has always been a saying around our area " God must be a Penn State fan because he made the sky blue and white."

  11. I've heard that poinsettias are very dangerous...I agree, better to be safe than sorry.
    A red kitty, that's funny!

  12. That is so funny, maybe your Mom will dye your fur red! They do that in Hollywood!

  13. Mama always gets the "fake" poinsettias from the M word craft store...


  14. Hi, Madi!
    Sure your house looks beautiful with all those decorations!
    Nochebuenas (poinsettias) are dangerus for us!
    Kisses and hugs

  15. Hi Madi,

    Mommy loves red too! Your house looks wonderful! And we love all the pretty poinsettias. We're so happy your not red!

    Luv ya,
    Riley and Star.

  16. I love the red one also
    its the color for christmas !!!
    Beautiful decorations :-)
    (Kareltje is sometimes eating from plants :(
    He is not always so lovely ...... LOL
    hugs from us :-)

  17. Thank you so much for the Christmas Spirit pics in NC!!! Very pretty!!!
    I love pointsettas too, but the yellow seed pods are toxic, so only the artificial ones are in our house!
    It is so nice to see huge pots of them in the stores!
    Hugs, K

  18. Yeah, it's Christmas time in Minnesota too. Things are so pretty. I like your pictures.


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