Thursday, December 3, 2009

Madi: The things I have to put up with....

I expect most of you can see this gold string around my neck. If not, please click on the picture to enlarge it especially if you want to see my pearly whites fangs.

I'm disgusted to say the least. What was mom thinking you ask?

Mom here what I was thinking Madi is that you were just sitting there doing nothing. You had been home alone all day so I thought you needed some excitement. You were an easy prey. I held the stretch string above your head, you turned your head up to see, I dropped it right over your head like a lasso. This is the only picture I could get of Madi. Her first attempt was to bite it off. She ran under the chair to see if she could rub it off, nope, then she gallops across the room shaking her head vigorously nope that didn't work. She finally stopped gave me a very stern meow. This all happened before I could even switch the flashy box from picture to video...maybe 10 seconds. Madi HATES having anything on her!!!

Madi: I'm looking for a new mom/dad. If you want to be my mom/dad,***
send your resume to 'neednewmom/'! The pay is excellent!!!
My current Mom calls me a diva but that is so not true!!!
Mom: I'm not worried about my Mom status .
***Thanks to Jack and TG for pointing out that we excluded the Dads
Madi would love to live with all men then she could be Queen Bee insead of
a Diva.....


  1. BOL...You two are SOOOOOO funny!!!

    Dory and the Mama

  2. MOL and LOL!!! Like true mom's and "daughter's". NEFFUR seein' eye to eye! You doo look quote dashing with your "bling" Madi! Rock on Grrrlfurriend!

  3. I speak from experience Miss Diva Kitty (or not)... "don't bite the hand that feeds you" or you may be very sorry. It's a cruel world out there.

  4. Oh I see how it is! You're only looking for a new MOM! I guess that leaves all us guy-types out in the cold! :)

  5. Madi, we would love you to come and live in Scotland with us. Bailey is a bit of a diva too so we are not sure how that would work out!
    Thankfully Martha is not in the least diva like!
    We do think your mom is pushing her luck but we guess she means well.
    Maybe you will be able to forgive after a treat or two........or maybe three!
    It is Xmas after all. Season of goodwill to all men and even moms.
    You look positively luscious in your pic Madi, your mom obviously looks after you well despite her annoying you from time to time!
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxxx

  6. Madi, we are worried that our comment just got lost again!!!!
    We cant see it!!!!!

  7. MAdi, Madi, Madi,,,,,,,I know you really don't want a new Mom, now do you? You have to remember, she is a LOT older than you. (lol) I really think it is just the time of year. She wants everything to sparkle!!! Want me to send treats?

  8. Madi, When I enlarged your photo I was able to see just how beautiful you are...thanks to the excellent care and love you receive from Mom.
    Your fur is so shiny and sleek, I just want to reach out and pet you!!!
    Stay where you are, and humor Mom once in a while...and remember how jealous you are when your human Sis comes around.
    You know you've got it made in the shade!
    Nose taps,

  9. Madi
    You are just like my sister Boo. Momma tried putting bunny ears on Boo one Easter and she did the same tricks you did, she eventually gave the bunny ears the bunny kicks of death. I am nonplussed by much of anything like that. I don't get scared by noises or well much of anything. Did I ever tell the time I jumped on the back of a Jack Russell because she didn't ask me if it was OK if she came into my house. Scared her right away. Yep, I know I'm a bit feisty! For an old girl, I still have some get up and go.


  10. Too cute! :o) Tigger and Lizzie would agree with not wanting anything on them! :o)

  11. Oh can come and live with me and my M.O.M. and M.O.D. will spoil you just like they do me!!! The door is unlocked so just come on in! Mistaya

  12. Awww can't leave your mom..she would be sad. She helps you send me treats remember? We need her :)My mom tries to put things on me..I just shake real hard.. BOL!

    I can take you if you must leave...although...maybe we could both go and get Jack then we can play at his dog park :)

    Tail Wags ..and you know the address if you leave..we will leave the lights on outside :)


  13. Oh Madi, we know how it is when one is a diva we have so many things we must endure. You really don't want to leave your mom, she loves you even though she might do silly things sometimes. All moms are like that, especially near Christmas.

    You do look rather regal with the gold around your neck.

    Miss Cindi Lou Who

  14. Hi, Madi!
    Yes, I could see your white fangs!
    Sure you were not happy!
    But... I know you love your mom!
    Kisses and hugs

  15. Wow Madi, you sure look ticked in that picture. Kitties sure are sensitive about stuff like that. Boomer has no sense of humor at all..!


    PS. You can come live wiff me if you want to! :-)

  16. But you look so nice with it on! You don't mean that you want a new mom and dad....they are the best!

  17. Sometimes we just have to put our paw down and tell our parents "NO"! Madi, go ahead and hop in that box from the other day and come over to our house. ;o)


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