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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Madi and I send kudos to all bloggers....

Hi Friends,
We received this award from our friends
Gizzy and his Mom. We met them about a year ago while browsing the Daily News Miner's website in Fairbanks, Alaska. Folks who are enchanted by the AWESOME (I only use this word when talking about Alaska) beauty of Alaska go there to chat. Gizzy's Mom is a very funny and creative lady. We feel honored to have been tagged by her.
Thanks G-man and Mom
As Mom ponder the rules of 'Kreativ Blog' ,she had a revelation,
If you blog then you are 'Kreativ'...

We send 1 Million kudos to all bloggers we know and don't know. It is a labor of love that we do each day for different reasons but whatever the reasons they are 'kreativ' !
Mom says she used to follow all the rules; however, since she has matured (aka gotten older) she has become wild and wreckless. We're changing some of the rules starting with #4 and 5.

1. Thank the person who nominated us (done)
2. Copy the blog to our blog (done)
3. Link to the person who nominated you (done)
4. Send us a few blogs that you visit each day that others might not know about
5. Below are two blogs that Mom and I visit daily. We don't think any of you know about them.

We met Raider's peeps through Daily New Miner site also.
Raider (Golden Retriever) and his peeps are full time RVers. They travel all over the US. Raider's mom and dad are excellent photographers. Please visit them to
see all of their pictures from this past summer at our great National Parks.

Tigger and Lizzy (cats) and Gabby (dog) live with mom, dad, 2 sisters and a wee one on the way in 2010. My mom met them when the dad was at NCSU getting his PhD in Physics. He now works at the U of AR. They are a busy family always on the go. The Mom is a former Kindergarten teacher who is now teaching her own children. She is an extraordinary mom, Brownie leader, photographer for her church, Stampin' Up demonstrator and Scrapbook expert.

6. Post links to their blogs (done)
7. List 7 things others might not know about yourself are:

1. I'm an only child (Mom)

2. I have been and still am totally and completely fascinated with Alaska. My hubby and I went to Alaska in 2005 for our 35th anniversary. I'm ready to go again. (Mom)
3. I wear contacts (Mom not Madi I have cat eyes)

4. I'm a fanatical, (don't call me after 8 on Sunday night unless you are bleeding profusely), fan of 'Amazing Race' (Mom)

5. I have a sister named Lucy who was adopted on the same day as I was by another family (Madi)

6. I am undoubtedly the most vocal cat Mom has ever met. She is convinced my meow is controlled by my eyes if they are open I'm meowing. (Madi)

7. I'm really Gray and white. My gray is very dark and many think it is black (Madi)

Thanks for stopping by, Madi and Mom


  1. Jack and the tall guy LOVE The Amazing Race as well - primarily the tall guy! :) I'll be sad when this season ends!

    On the other hand, have you ever applied to be on TAR? The tall guy did, but he didn't get picked. I told him that was probably for the best, but he said he didn't hear me, since it happened before I was born! :)

  2. Congratulations on your Award!
    Those are very interesting things about you two!
    Kisses and hugs

  3. Congratulations of your award
    I'll go and visit and your friends!
    I love Alaska too! I would love to go back again!

  4. My assistant is hooked on The Amazing Race too. I think the TG should apply again... how fun would that be??!! I'd like to go to Alaska. Next time you go, give me a call, okay?

  5. Re: TAR application

    The actual application is about 5 or 6 pages long and not too bad, but you have to answer all these questions about the person you're applying with (how did you meet, how long have you known each other, what drives you crazy about the other person, etc.) The hardest part for us was the video - we got the giggles and couldn't stop laughing. But we sent it in anyway, as we thought it showed our true selves. We never even got to the first round! I've wanted to apply again, but it's hard to find a friend/someone who ) wants to be on TAR, 2) can take the time off needed to be on the show, and 3) you would actually want to race with!

  6. Congrats on your award! You are the best Madi! The only Amazing Race I know about is when Beth tries to catch me and I don't want to be THAT is Amazing....or just plain funny....ha ha!

  7. Hi Madi!

    Congrats on your award!

    Those are some interesting thing about you and your mom, we knew you are gray though, I guess that is just one of those details we picked up on.

  8. Well-deserved award Madi and Mom!!!
    Madi, Sorry Mom has to go back to work tomorrow.
    I know you've enjoyed having her home.

  9. nice post!!!!
    please visit me back...

    Culture of Indonesia

    thanks friend...

  10. Madi and Mom,
    Great post!!!
    You are right about being creative and blogging.
    If you are not, you would not blog very long!!
    Really liked your answers!!
    Love, Bambi, Happy and their Mom Fern

  11. Fantastic post !!
    Congratulations on your award :-)
    It was lovely to read more about you two

    Kareltje =^.^=

  12. Hello sweet friends!
    wow congratulations for so deserved award!
    I loved your answers and I need to confess that I really thought your gray was black! :)
    You are gorgeous!
    Thanks a lot for your friendship!

  13. Thank you Madi and Mom for plugging our blog!

    Great pic of you Madi, Her Serene Highness, patronizing Mom with a pic! LOL

    I love tuning into your blog daily, that way I can get my "cat fix", too!
    Hugs and chin scratches,

  14. Hi Madi, Congratulations on your Award - you are always very Kreativ!
    Good work also on changing the rules - we especially like that!
    Good work also on the Tag - it is always interesting to find out new things about our fellow bloggers. How lovely that you have a sister!
    Sorry we are so late but today was a work day for our mum and she is always late on those days - we think it is because she doesn't prioritise!
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxx


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