Friday, December 4, 2009

Madi's view

Lots of my pictures are taken in our family room on the corner of this rug.
I thought you'd all enjoy seeing why I'm always in that room. I have a great big
glass door, the sun comes to say hi, I like to watch the leaves blowing around my deck, the squirrels are aggravating but sometimes entertaining and every now and then a cute little bird
will come up to say hi. Also this room is very near the kitchen. I'm a firm believer is
staying near the food source.
Oh boy there have been boxes galore all over my floor today. Mom and Dad are exhausted.
I'm napping.
Our tree is UP and decorated. IT is rainy here today so outside decorations will take place tomorrow. Mom is still working on our nativity scene and other small things.
Pictures should be downloaded by tomorrow.
Happy Saturday night.


  1. Re: Indigo Bunting
    Thank you! I do think that is what it was because it was literally vibrant blue all over.
    I may put up the tree tomorrow. It was all I could do today to get the stuff down from the attic! :)

  2. Hi Madi, the sun shining in through that big window sounds so nice and warm. Even though I am a dog I still enjoy watching the little birds at our birdfeeder. And I have developed a very kean ear for any activity anywhere near the kitchen. I do make a darn good vacuum cleaner!

  3. Hmmmmm.....Dogs and cats sure sound alike in a number of ways.

  4. Hi, Madi!
    Sure you chose a very special spot in your house!
    Here is cold so we are having a lazy saturday!
    Kisses and hugs

  5. At least your mom doesn't have to keep cleaning nose prints off the glass door...

  6. Madi
    That looks like the purrfect place to be. We have big sliding glass doors that lead onto a enclosed back porch. WE love having those doors open so we can go in and out when we chose to. Also most of our windows are 6ft and we can walk up to them and see straight out. WE like that. We are glad Momma picked this house to live it because we have so many places to look out of.


  7. Madi and Mom,
    It looks like the right spot to us!!!
    We hope the computer fan will last until the right comes..I am noy staying on for hours only one visit and then right off. You are special to us, Bambi, Happy and Fern

  8. Madi, that looks like the perfect room for you - you can keep an eye on what is happening outside - warning off pesky squirrels! You are also in the best position for food being near the kitchen - also when your mom or dad are having a snack there is no chance of them forgetting about you if you are right there.
    We hope you get lots of treats!
    We are excited about seeing your decorations. We hope there are some swinging balls from the tree that you can whack with your paw!
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  9. Windows are so nice. Do you watch the neighbors too? Beth says I am nosy....

  10. It was rainy here this morning and my Daddy had to go out this evening and put up the outside decorations.


  11. Madi, you make sure they don't cover your spot with those boxes. You need a quiet place to nap and snoopervise their work.

  12. Hi Madi,
    I like your door, I have one like that too. It's fun to watch the birdies and squirrels on the patio. Do you like to play in the empty big paper bags? Almost as fun as boxes!
    Miss Cindi Lou

    We like the name Lou even more now!


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