Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Madi: These are a few of my favorite things.....

Boxes and bows and ribbons and things

Hi Friends I'm all rested up after my marathon gift post.
I'm ready for the next adventure of the Season,


Madi absolutely loves it when I bring out all the gift wrapping equipment.

First she has to check out the top of the bow box while I arrange all the boxes to be wrapped.

Oh boy Mom is this sis's hubby's gift? He is going to love this I just know it.

(FYI: That box was quickly moved very far away from the tree
it was a train wreck looking for a place to happen)

Mom I think you should use this green ribbon on that package.
Is that red ribbon the kind you curl with scissors?
Oh boy that is a cat's version of Curly Fries.

Mom is this for my sis?
Love the color!!!
I think this color will look very nice with her green eyes

What is in the bag? It smells very Christmas Cheer.
Did you hide my catnip tube in here?

I see some name tags way down in the bottom of this box
do you want me to jump in and sort them all out for you?
No you don't need my help? What in the world the bow has sticky stuff on it. Ewww
Mom I can't believe you are really going to use this recycled gold bow again
I've been here seven Christmases and I've seen it each year.

Madi was actually a lot of help this year...she only sat on one piece of paper. Thankfully she kept her claws in when she was walking about on the paper. She just cannot understand why I don't like perforations in my wrapping paper. She didn't run off with the ribbon or chew on it until it was too wet with cat slobber or steal my pen.
All in all we were a good team.
Thanks Madi
Big hug and extra treats from your Mom for all the help.


  1. Hi Madi, that looked like such fun and it was nice seeing you were into everything. Our mum wrapped some presents last night for an evening out with her friends.
    Martha ran away!!! One day Madi, we hope that Martha does exactly what you do. Great suggestions and very helpful indeed. The recycled bow must be a mom thing! What do you think? It seems they throw nothing away.
    love and kisses
    Bailey xxxx
    Bailey posting today since Martha doesnt like wrapping and bows and ribbons.........

  2. Hi Madi, I have wrapped the past two nights and Ariel and Buffy will sit right next to me while Scooter sits on my bed and watches all the paper and ribbon flying around!!!

  3. Wow, you look like a very good helper! Please tell your Mom to let you come visit us and you can help wrap all of Jack's presents!

  4. You are such a super duper helper Miss Madi!!! Mom says she would love to have you come help since we're TOTAL menaces about the whole thing! There's no more bows or ribbons, since we eat them. We hope you had lots of fun and we're betting your mommy secretly wrapped some of your stuff when you weren't paying attention. Our mom does that all the time!

  5. Hi Madi
    You are such a great helper !!
    I think they are also presents
    for you my sweetie !!
    Only 8 days waiting ..... ;)
    Hugs Kareltje =^.^=

  6. Super job Madi! I dislike wrapping. Maybe if you were around, it would be easier for me.

  7. Hi Madi !

    great job, we wrapped presents today to, I give Maxx and Momo their own piece of paper to do their own wrapping though.

  8. Sounds like Madi is the purrfect helper!

  9. Hi, Madi!
    Sure your mom was very happy getting your help!
    Wrapping presents is a tiring job!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. Oh yes, the gift wrapping, hours of fun isn't it. Thought it can be a bit tiring after awhile.

  11. Hi Sweet Madi,

    What? A cat that wraps packages? What will they think of next? We usually eat them.

    Luv ya,
    Riley and Star.

  12. Hi Madi,
    You are a good helper like me. We have to inspect each box and make sure it is suitable for moms to use. Then we have to sniff and check all the bows and wrapping paper. Whew, that's hard work.
    Miss Cindi Lou

  13. Nothing like a feline to help with the gift wrapping!
    I loved that: curling ribbon is like curly fries to a cat! LOL
    And you didn't get all tangled in the ribbon?!
    You such a helpful kitty!!
    Chin scratches for your assistance!

  14. Thanks for the visit tonight and wondering about us! Lots has been happening which mom will be writing about soon!

    Your mom is lucky to have you to help her play with the wrapping paper!!

  15. hello sweet friends,
    Hmmm fabulous tree and those ribbon look so cool to play!
    you did a great work helping mommy there!
    purrs and love
    Luna - We love LUNA

  16. Have a great Xmas Madi and Mom! We have been struggling to cope with reading, posting, walking, working, shopping, wrapping etc etc!
    We look forward to catching up with you in the New Year.
    love and best wishes
    Martha, Bailey & Family xxxx

  17. You should become a professional wrapper. You are good!

  18. A good helper with the CUTEST curly q tail, what more could a Mama ask for!!


  19. Madi is quite the snoopervisor!
    Make sure she isn't in a box when you wrap it!

  20. I think Remington means you should become a professional rapper, don't you? I would love to hear some Madi rap! Oops, got sidetracked. You are such a good helper Madi. I know your Mom wouldn't be able to wrap gifts without you there showing her what to do.

  21. Madi! What a good helper you are!! Maybe you could come over here and help us help our mom wrap presents!!


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