Friday, December 18, 2009

Madi: What'cha making Mom

Madi: Mom's in the kitchen I hear her unwrapping things. I better go snoopervise. Maybe I'll get a taste. I see a few ingredients carrots, zucchini, tomatoes let me see here is the recipe.
Oh she is making Crowder Pea Salad.
Mom: Get DOWN now!!! (I bellow in my stern Mom voice)
Madi: You talkin' to me? With lots of Diva-ttude.
Mom: Well only you and Dad are in the room and I don't see him on the counter
Madi: Well I've never been so insulted (She says with her evil cat-i-tude eyes).

The noise Madi heard, that woke her from her 100th nap of the day,
was me opening the box of candy pictured below.
Since I'm normally working at this counter she jumped here first.
I hear your collective 'a cat on the kitchen counters'.
That is just how it is when you are owned by a cat.
You use lots of hot water, soap and paper towels on the counters.

Yesterday I rec'd this box of candy as a gift.
It is Artisan Chocolates.
They are absolutely too pretty to eat. However, I except my hubby and I will
force ourselves to eat them.
Click on the picture for a closer look

FYI: Once Madi figured out she wasn't getting anything she
left in a huff.


  1. Oh you should give Madi some of that candy!! What kind of mom are you? :)

  2. On a serious note, are cats allergic to chocolate like dogs?

  3. Madi was just making sure you were following the recipe!!!
    Those candies are pretty but who can resist chocolate!!!
    YAY!!! Madi, Mom's home for 2 full weeks!!!

  4. We are having some counter issues at our house - the older cats never went up there but the two youngest have decided that it is perfectly fine for them, no matter how many times they get in trouble. I understand why Madi goes up there though - that is where the food is made (I think that is how it is for the cats at our house too).

    Those are very cool looking chocolates - I always feel bad eating pretty things (and I could never eat a chocolate bunny, even as a little girl) but I know that is why they are made - for us to enjoy. But still - tehy are so pretty - it is good you got a picture of them!

  5. Hi Madi
    Momma gave up and she lets us up on the counter whenever we wants. In fact she feeds me and Boo up there cuz well we'd have "issues" with the boys if Momma fed us on the floor.
    We hope you are all bundled up -- we hear that our big wet storm is headed your way and is gonna turn into white wet stuff.

    merry purrs

  6. Madi and Cecilia,
    Thank-you or your Christmas card!! I loved it!!
    Kitty is not allowed on our counters. Tom built a cover that went over the hot water heater in the pantry and she gets up on it to eat. The cover helps the water heater stay hotter and gets Happy's food off the floor.
    Lots of hugs, Happy, Bambi and Fern

  7. Those chocolates sure are delicious! Too bad your mom HAS to eat them! Haa!
    Kisses and hugs

  8. OH YUMMY CHOCOLATES! (poor Madi)

  9. Oh,, I know, Jazzi sure comes when she hears me open something but to call her, she has selective hearing!! We used to have a poodle who loved chocolate. He found, unwrapped and ate a whole solid 10 in Santa and he didnt die. Although he was quite thirsty that next day. LOL
    So since then we gave him chocolate and he lived to be 18 yrs old. Go figure!! Jazzi gets only a smidge once in a great while!!

  10. Kitties and counters just seem to go together no matter what we do or say. All of my other kitty owners loved to jump on the counter but for some reason Miss Cindi doesn't. Or maybe she doesn't get caught?

    Beautiful candy, it does look too pretty to eat. It also looks delicious.


  11. Madi, you are SO curious aren't you?!!
    Crowder Pea Salad sounds intriguing!
    Those chocolates are too pretty to eat, but who can resist?! Impossible!!!

  12. What nice looking candy -- too pretty to eat!

  13. Aaaahhhh the dreaded Diva Stomp off!!

    Too Cute!!

    The chocolates look WAY nummy!!!



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