Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mom has the floor today

I absolutely love how the Sun cast itself into my house making
mundane things gorgeous. My day job keeps me away during the daylight hours.
Today might be our last sunshine for the week......
rain moving in tomorrow
During my Christmas Break I'm enjoying various rooms in sunlight.
Notice the Sun on the angel in the Nativity Scene...

coming through the dining room window onto a chair

coming through the skylight in the study

reflecting the skylight onto the glass of the picture

shining through our octagonal window onto the couch

and finally me taking a picture of my shadow

I was glad to let Mom have the floor...that kept the
flashy beast out of my face and hopefully all my meals will be
on time without me having to get in her face. Speaking of
meals Mom came home with a 4 lb bag of kibble today.


  1. Oh my, those are just beautiful! Love the Octogon window one!

  2. We have sun here too, see my new header!! I love the sun!!!


  3. What super pics! We also liked the octagonal window. We were popping over to tell you about New Year traditions in Scotland - we did a post last new year and will probably try to do the same.
    Black Bun is customary - a lot of families have a meal of steak pie at the Bells ie midnight. We dont have the meal but things like shortbread and of course a wee dram are usual.
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  4. What cool pictures! I wish I was home more often during the day to see the sun at my house!

  5. Those are some really inspired pictures! I like the couch picture too!

  6. Hey, I love your post! Your right, the sun does make everything sparkle! I'll have too look around my house for the sparkle!!!

  7. The sun is so pretty, we haven't seen it in almost a week and the snow is coming in tonight. The photos are great, I love the octagonal window. Hope your sunshine stays around awhile.

    Hope you enjoyed your break from the flashy beast Madi.

    Hugs and purrs,
    Judy and Miss Cindi Lou

  8. Love the sun pictures! Mom likes taking pictures of shadows too. Hasn't in a while though. You just gave her some inspiration to do it! Looking forward to seeing your cutie~pa~Tootie face tomorrow, Madi!

  9. What a nice post! Our mom said she was just thinking about how the sun shines in...and shows all the dust on everything and that she should clean! She's gonna stop thinking like that and instead see all the beauty the sun brings!

    And Madi...don't eat that whole 4 lb baq of food in one day!

  10. Hi Madi,

    You mommy told some very creative photos. We like them! We wish our mommy would take pictures of things other then us all the time.

    Luv ya,
    Riley and Star.

  11. Hi, Madi!
    Your mom took very artistic pictures!
    I love the sun too!
    Kisses and hugs

  12. Love those pictures..the first one is just beautiful..what a nice day and it's nice to have time off to enjoy the day isn't it?

    Licks to you...

    Olive :)

  13. Sometimes it is just so easy for us to miss all these pretty things in our life, isn't it! Our mom likes to take photos of shadows too cos they tell a different story and are usually 'neglected'. Love the pic of your mom's shadow... maybe you can ask your mom for a pic of your shadow Madi?

  14. Love your window! I love the sun shining in also! The more windows the better, I say!

  15. We have so many trees that we don't get a lot of sun come in our house.
    Like to shadow picture of you Cecilia!! You are an artist when you take those photos!!!!!!!
    Belly rubs for Madi, Happy, Bambi & Fern


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