Sunday, December 27, 2009

Mom wants to show you...Lovely wood turned gifts

In my Christmas Day, post I mentioned that I would show you pictures
of the gorgeous hand turned wood gifts my son-in-law made for family and friends
this year.

Please click on the pictures to get a better look.

Top row (left to right)
screwdriver, tea candle holders (cherry wood) with LED battery flickering flames. One of the those was for me.
Second Row (l to r) wine bottle stopper, wooden apples (cherry wood)
clock (maple) for his brother. Below the apples there is a back scratcher, 2 more screwdrivers,
mallet is made from dogwood that was in his parent's yard. Also picutred are
two decorative fishing lures. The beautiful bowl was made from a Holly tree his boss cut down.
He made the bowl for his boss.
A better picture of the bowl.
When I was buying his Christmas presents from WoodCrafters...I saw a bowl...
they told me he would not be able to turn a bowl until he took classes.
HA HA HA to them
He turned a bowl w/o classes. I believe he can do just about any thing.
He is also a great cook!!!
Ring box below was for my Mother.

Keep in mind all these items start out as a chunk of wood.
I have no clue how he does it. I will say that his Christmas list contained
several different tools he needs for his wood turning. We bought all of them.

One proud Mother in Law or MIL as he calls me.


  1. Wow. What more can I say. I am in awe of people who have such talent! The bowl is amazing and the ring box is awesome!

    Is he planning on selling any of the things he makes?

  2. Yes you can be PROUD on your son-in-law
    its really UNIQUE beautiful "ART" :-)
    I love it. Wow!!
    I have also worked
    with the children where I worked
    with wood but only the basic stuf ..... LOL
    Its very diffecult made something from wood !!
    I'm always good in handcraft but not with wood.
    My compliments .....

  3. OMC! Dear Madi and Mom,

    What beautiful Craftmanship and a treasure to keep forever! Your son in law is so talented and not to say, very thoughtful. I love the jewelry box!

    What a beautiful Christmas you must have had. thank you so much for sharing.

    Hope you have a wonderful New Year!

    We love you,
    Riley, Star and Stephanie.

  4. Fine work of art for a very fine lady!!
    He is very talented!
    I love the candles, they look so real, but are safe!

  5. WOW! So very nice! I used to do a lot of woodworking and even wood turning in my very young days. Never made anything this beautiful though. Got pneumonia from the wood dust though, when working the lathe. Makes me want to do it all again. Give him my seal of aproval!

  6. Smart of you to buy all the tools he requested...keep those beautiful gifts coming!

  7. Beautiful wooden items! What wonderful talent.

  8. He makes beautiful things!
    Sure he is talented!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. WOW, they are beautiful. He is very talented!!

  10. Those are very impressive. Madi, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

  11. How very talented! That must be a lot of work but well worth it - they are just beautiful.
    Such a very pretty ring box - we can see why you would buy them - very unique.
    We hope the lunch went well too - that sounded like an interesting meet up.

  12. Olive's Mom here :)Those are really very nice..I love the bowl. I sure hope he can sell nice to have that kind of talent..I can only make bowls out of play doh.

    I hope you are having a wonderful week Madi and Mom

    Olive and Mom:)

  13. Wow! SIL is quite talented!! That ring box is beautiful!!

    Island Cats' mom Sue

  14. Wow he did an amazing job! I have watched tv shows about wood turning and think it looks like so much fun that I keep thinking of taking classes (we have a Wood Crafters like 5 minutes from our house) but have never done it. I am very impressed he did the bowl with no classes - they did one on the tv show and it looked tough!

  15. Each piece is well made and beautiful, your SIL is very talented. I really like the candles.

    I was over last night and Blogger was being finicky and would not let me post a comment. I hope this goes through.



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