Saturday, January 2, 2010

Madi and Mom: How we started 2010

I gave Mom and Dad my evil laser eyes and they still took
my Christmas Tree away. They brought all the
strange smelling boxes in from the gargage, put all the decorations in the boxes and kaput

Christmas was over.

As the last box was taken away, Dad (he is such a nut) says
not to worry Madi the tree will be back in 49 weeks.
So I'm counting the days already.
Mom probably is not counting the days, 'cause the tree being in the house requires lots of
clean up afterwards.

So all the cleaning was done and Mom heard there was Arctic air moving into Dixie.
The next 7 days our temperatures will be in the 30's every day and in the teens at night.
So she decided to take a walk. To Lead Mine Lake.
What is this is see Christmas Wreaths. Were they fibbing about Christmas being over?
She took some pretty pictures of the sun through the trees

Then on down to the lake, where she found a new sign...
Then she saw lots of geese....evidently they are hoping some humans come down who cannot or don't read the rules. All these homes around the Lead Mine Lake have
had a time with geese coming in their yards and leaving a mess.
The area now has fencing around the lakes edge too.

These are Canada Geese born and bred in NC...but we feel sure they will find enough food in the lake. January 1, 2010 started out very pretty temps about 45.

Update: January 2, 2010 1PM.

The arctic air arrived over night. It is currently 31 with wind gusts very very chilly outside.

There will be no walking outside today.


  1. Um...Madi? Can't the geese fly over the fence?

    Grrrrs from Gizzy

    Pee Ess: My mom don't like geese a lot either. They leave the trail very "messy" when they come to my park.

  2. What pretty pictures! Tommy says she LOVES that lake! And even your laser lights couldn't save Christmas? 49 weeks..that doesn't sound TOO bad!:) Happy New Year again, Pretty LadyCat!


  3. I love the pansies and cabbages...
    Zack, Sas and Buddy can't read...they would be in the lake for sure!!!

  4. Oh Madi, I can only dream of 31 degrees. At this point, 31 degrees would be downright balmy. Our high today is supposed to be -5 below zero. The good news is, that I have been inspired to write a new poem. Look fur it soon...


    PS. I have no law degree or experience. I count on my Wonder Dog powers of cute ears and sad eyes, and also my head-tilting skills to get all my cases thrown out of court. Works every time!

    PPS. Twix posted pictures on her blog of her daddy's present, yay!

  5. Bbbrrrrrr.....chilly!! We are still in the fifties for now..

    Great pictures!!!
    The Mama (and Dory too!)

  6. Let me get out my teeny, tiny violin... I concur with Cloud the Wonder Dog (I've been doing that a lot lately.) Your temps sound tropical compared to ours. People around here would be out in shorts if it was 31.

  7. We used to have shoo away the geese at our house as well. They are beautiful but a mess!

    Maybe the people with the wreaths are celebrating Old Christmas, something my uncle used to tell me about. I think it goes into January!

  8. Here's some info about Old Christmas:

    January 6th.

  9. It's freezing on our island, Madi! It's only about 12 degrees outside right now! Brrrrrr!!

    BTW, the woodpecker was not a Pileated woodpecker...our mom checked her bird book and she thinks it was a Northern Flicker. We don't have Pileated ones where we live...they are on the other side of the state. We hope we see that Northern Flicker again soon!

  10. Maybe they are waiting till little Christmas, Jan. 6th. It is quite cold here for us Floridians. In the 40's today, down to low 30's tonight. BURRRRRRR. So Happy I have warm jammies, and Billy to sleep right next to me!

  11. Hello, Madi and Mom. I read about you in Dog Daze. I like to try to visit all contest winners. That's how I discover the best blogs. I realize you're a feline, Madi, and I'm a dog, but I think we have potential as friends. You should know that I share my home with 3 of your kind.
    Happy new year

  12. Hi Madi and Mom,
    It is 40 right now at 9:52 pm. They say it is suppose to go down to 24 tonight but we are on high grown so it never gets as cold as the TV says it will. We are usually 4 to 8 degrees warmer than the TV says.
    Give Madi a kiss for me, Fern

  13. Hi, Madi!
    Our tree is still up here in my house! Until the next weekend!
    I am waiting for the Magic Kings! Maybe they will bring me some presents!
    Sure is cold there! Better stay inside... warm and comfy!
    Kisses and hugs

  14. Hi Madi,

    Your mom sure takes good pictures. They are just beautiful!

    Mommy and Daddy may be coming to North Carolina in the Spring but they haven't made any plans yet. It depends a lot on our brother and how busy they are. We'll talk later.

    Thanks for the kind words about mommy's writing. She actually has been thinking about it but that's as far as she's gotten.

    Hope you have a great Sunday and be good! He,he, he!

    Riley and Star.

  15. Thanks for so many lovely pictures
    We are late because my Mommy had a cold Madi :-)
    I just want to tell you !!!!
    Everyone at home had a cold :(
    But I 'm not I am healthy as always ...... LOL
    Kareltje =^.^=

  16. I know it's sad to take down the tree, Madi!
    If you lived in San Francisco, some people leave the artificial Christmas trees up through January!!

    Beautiful pics of the lake and geese!
    They need me to chase them away from the homes nearby! I love to chase geese!!

  17. How come you have green on the ground and we have all white?

  18. Thanks for you get well wishes
    My husband has it now ....... LOL
    We received it all
    Me, my two girls & her boyfriends & now My husband (Only Kareltje not ........ LOL)
    Thanks to be such good friend !!!!
    Anya :-)

  19. Hi Madi, our decorations were put away today - Martha wasn't happy at all as she doesnt like changes. She had just got used to the xmas decorations now she has to get used to them going away!
    What is it with these humans!
    These were pretty pictures of the lake and the geese your mom took.
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxx


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