Friday, January 1, 2010

Madi: Fine Feathered Friends Friday

Happy First Friday of 2010

Earlier this week I was napping at our sunny window. Mom and the flashy beast were M.I.A.
All of a sudden, I look up and what do I find? Mom just finishing a project outside and heading
in the house. I'm walking over now to say THANKS Mom

Well lo and behold she went out to
buy all new bird feeders and new seed for each one. She loves feeding the
birds and I love watching them scurry about.
Not only did she buy new feeders she bought pretty ones.
The yellow feeder on the left is for sunflower seeds. The two part
feeder in the middle has song bird food and safflour seed in it.
Then there is a suet cake. She said the entire time she was out there
the birds were singing up a storm and urging her to hurry up so they could taste their
new treats.

She also cleaned out the bird bath added fresh water. She moved the thistle feeder behind the birdbath.
Why is she so excited you ask. On a normal week she leaves home before
sunrise and returns after sunset so she rarely gets to see the birds. She counts on Dad and me to fill her in on who visits and what they like to eat. She is off this week so she can watch birds all week.
We happy to report lots of birds have visited us this week. Eastern Bluebirds, Chickadees, Titmice, Cardinals, Robins, Junco, Wren, Red Bellied and Downy Woodpeckers and several varieties of Finches.
Looks like it will be a good year for bird watching.
Madi and Mom


  1. HI Madi, Not only do I love to feed my birds, I just had a beautiful red cardinal yesterday! I love to look at your green plants. It is snowy and icy in New England...Spring is coming... :)

  2. What a nice mom!! There are some bird feeders near our house that all the birds seem to love!

  3. You must have a lot of fun watching those birdies, Madi! They sure are nice feeders. I too have enjoyed some bird watching!

  4. Madi: Come see us tomorrow so you can see the bird Mom got a picture of in the tree. You'd like looking out of our windows too.

  5. Cool bird feeders. We dont have any right now, the birds are MIA here lol

    Happy New Year

  6. Hi Madi!

    Oh we just love love love your birdfeeders. Mom has been bad and has not cleaned or filled hers in so long. We have lots of trees and hardly anyplace she can put up feeders without those nasty squirrels robbing all the food and leaving none for our feathered friends. I know you will have lots of fun watching fev-vers now!


  7. Hi Madi, M.O.M. feeds the little birds in our back yard too. I like to lay on the back steps and watch them eat their fill. Of course cat sister has learned that she too must not bother the little creatures while they are eating. It seems that anything in our yard is off limits to catsister and me. But we can dream can't we?! Hugs and wags, Mistaya

  8. Hi, Madi!
    Happy New Year to you, your mom and dad!
    The bird feeders are pawesome!
    I am sure you have lots of fun watching the birds coming to eat!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. I know your birdies love Mom!!!
    Do you have any squirrel visitors and do the baffles keep them from getting the seed?
    Hubby has caught 25 squirrels...where are they all coming from, Raleigh?

  10. That was nice of your mom to buy some new feeders and fill them all! Our mom tries to keep the feeders filled for the birdies in the winter time but sometimes she says it's too cold or too snowy to go out and fill them. She put out a suet feeder right before Christmas and today we saw the biggest woodpecker feeding on it!!

    Enjoy watching all those birdies, Madi!! And Happy New Year!

  11. Madi: Tell your Mom Tommy loves to feed the birds too. Seems like alot of ours went somewhere else when it got cooler. We get mournings doves, sparrows, cardinals, really hungry pigeons too. Entertaining and we wonder they are with a little sauce on the side..... :)


  12. You are lucky that your mom did all this! Just so you can watch those birdies!!

  13. You get to watch birds out the window? That is awesome! Happy new year to you and your family Madi.

  14. Hi Madi, these are very pretty new bird feeders your mom got.
    We are not sure if this is some kind of torture for you right enough - what with you being a cat!
    It is important to feed the birds through the winter - we have a bird table in the front garden.
    Apparently we were upsetting the birds by barking and chasing them when they tried to eat so they are now out front!
    We expect your mom will get some pics of birds soon.
    We haven't even heard of some of those birds!
    Have a nice day.
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxx
    Just for a change it is snowing in Scotland!

  15. Does it REALLY look like that in January where you live? Our birds have to wear coats! I want to live where you are. My toes are cold!

  16. Awesome feeders!! We are a birdie feeding family too!!


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