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Monday, June 28, 2010

We had company...

My sis and her hubby came to visit. Well you know there is only room for one Diva
in a house...Sis tells me she was the first Diva and still is. We have agreed to co-exist. Now if she would relinquish her diva title all would be good but that is a story for another day.
However, I really LIKE her hubby aka my 'BIL' and he likes me. He calls me Cat, as in 'Hey Cat', but coming from him it is ok. He smells good...especially his shoes. MOL
We were celebrating Father's Day (I know a week late). When lo and behold look
what my BIL did to me......
Maybe the first Diva of the family has been training him in evil ways to taunt a second Diva.
I gave him my most famous double laser eye stare which says
'Wha's up with you bro', he laughed.
I said one of us needs to leave the room before it gets ugly. I volunteered!!!

On the way out, I asked Mom to please reomove the bionic bow...Even after my best shake, rattle and roll it would not fall off.
Now the company is gone.
I, Madi, am once again the only Diva of the house!!!


  1. Uh oh, not your famous double laser eye stare. That's dangerous stuff Madi, be careful how you use it. But considering the bionic bow on your butt they probably deserved it.

    Cindi Lou

  2. And You will remain the only Diva!!!
    he deserved the "Double Laser Eye Stare" that will teach him!!

  3. Madi,

    Happy Monday! Of course there is room for only one Diva in the house and that is you!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  4. Haaha, I sorry, I don't means to laugh. Maybe he was trying to gives you to somebuddy as a pressie. Good thing they gone nows so you cans gets back to your diva status and don't haves to shares your title.

  5. That was funny.

    Pretty profile pic.

  6. MOL...but you looked so darling with that bow, Madi......we were hoping you were a gift that was going to be sent to us!!!!!!!

    We are happy that you are top diva again....and think it's a shame that the bean diva had to come and upset the hierarchy....doesn't she know that when she moved out she relinquished her top diva title??????

    We love your header. xxxxxxxxx

  7. Oh, Madi, I thinks you looked like a pretty Christmas pressie! It complimented your furs so lovely-like!

    Oh, and Capn Ripley says he's proud that you went all pirate-cat on your sister!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  8. How mean of BIL. I'm glad you gave him the laser eyes. He deserved it.

  9. We like the bow look Madi!

  10. Hi Madi!

    Oh don't I know the evilness of bows like that. Momma has the audacity to put it on top of head one Christmas. I just looked at her like are you nuts woman! I see you did the correct divalicious thing and left!
    What an exit!!


  11. Madi!!! I leave for a couple of days and mom changes her heading (beautiful!) AND your get a bow on your bottom???? I believe it may be time to get those humans in line again. I know you know how!

  12. Hi Madi we found you from droping in on the Japanese Redneck. Hubby Will has pictures of some of our lazy lions on his site. We have all males but for two females. The males are just big huge lap cats the girls are a little more prissy. And they also love to get all over our dirty clothes.

  13. Wow, Madi! That double laser evil eye gave me the heebiest of jeebies! I wouldn't mess wiff you, no sir!


    PS. Thanks fur the berfday wishes! Mom put up a berfday post fur me. I'll tell Boomer what you said, but I doubt if she'll believe me... :-/

  14. We are so glad you got your house back Madi! You sure showed your BIL with those laser eyes!!

    Smileys & Snuggles!
    Dory, Jacob and Bilbo

  15. To me you're the only Diva of the house!
    In my house too, Madi.
    I love your new header, yeah!

  16. Oh Yeah, We're sure your sis was behind that evil behavior...Maybe she really IS still the #1 Diva!!!
    Licks and sniffs,
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy

    Hope Sis's kitty is feeling better!

  17. Love the header, HiC...are these some of the wildflower seeds?

  18. Hi Miss Madi! We just fownd you on the Island Cats blog. We were so eksited to see you live near us! We lives in Bahama, just north of Durham!! Check owt owr blog abowt the farm we lives on - maybe you can come visit us sometime.

    Finnegan Buddy & Princess Jazzy

    PS from Jazzy: Miss Madi, of corse you are the only diva at your house! Not only that, but the older lady cats told me when I came here that all girl cats are princesses - and I think that's even better than a diva. So tell BIL that you are a PRINCESS!

    PSS from Cuzzin Cavalli - Madi, you look like me!

  19. Hi Madi

    When we first saw the picture our human thought it was a spider....then she realised your uncle Bil had given you a pretty bow. Now he must know you are a Diva, and the only Diva, because he gave you a bow. And they are nice,

    Hector and Bonny

  20. We like your new header Madi. You may have misunderstood your BIL. We think it is a lovely bow and he probably thought a Diva would like a pretty bow to show off her beauty.

  21. Oh what you don't have to go through my dear little Madi....I am happy all is back to normal.

  22. LOL... those secondary divas... tsk tsk... you never know what kind of mischief they will get into! ;o)

    *ear scritches to Madi*

  23. Oh Madi, you are indeed the absolute original Diva in your house.......but be kind!
    We reckon you have a conquest there with careful though you don't want to make anyone jealous of your Diva powers.
    Your new header is very snazzy - sorry we are soooo late - our humans was out and about yet again.
    Yes we are sadly neglected basset hounds!
    love you lots
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  24. BOL! You kitties do know how to express displeasure. Those laser eyes would melt steel. I know I'd never try to put a anything on you at all without asking politely and from a safe distance first. Of course, I've learned from Simone.

    wags, Lola

  25. Hi, Madi!
    Sure BIL had a good time at your expense, right?
    I can see you gave him The Look!
    Kisses and hugs

  26. It sure wasn't nice of him to put that bow on you, Madi. But we're glad you decided to take the high road and leave before things got ugly.

  27. And you used to like Bil... tsk tsk

  28. That was just too cute....and Madi, I thought the bow was very pretty!


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