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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday Theme Song: What's New Pussycat

Today Mom and I are attempting our first Theme Song Thursday.
We thank Hootin' Anni sponsoring this fun theme day and for her suggestions.
Drop by to say hi to Hootin' Anni...'cause she is a HOOT!!
The rules are to pick a song then use your own pictures to demonstrate the song.
Ok hang onto your hats Mom and I are about to start singing.

What's new pussycat, Woah , Woah,

What's new pussycat, Woah, Woah, Pussycat, Pussycat

To spend with you
So go and powder

your cute little pussycat nose. Pussycat, pussycat

I love you

Yes I do and your pussycat nose!

What's new pussycat? Woah, Woah

What's New pussycat? Woah, Woah
You're so thrilling

and I'm so willing

to care for you

So go and makeup your cute little pussycat face!!

Pussycat, pussycat

You are delicious

And if my wishes come true

I'll soon be kissing your sweet little pussycat lips

(if I dare)

You and your pussycat lips!

You and your pussycat eyes!

You and your pussycat nose!

Madi and I thank

Hal David for the enchanting lyrics,

Burt Bacharach for the beautiful music,


Tom Jones for singing it so enticingly!!!!


  1. You certainly picked perfectly! But next week is going to be tougher. Do I hear Al Stewart? ;)

  2. Is there a song about a dog who wouldn't stop eating? I think that's the only one I could do for Jack! :)

  3. I love that song! And Madi! You fit the song so perfectly!! Woah, Woah!!!!

  4. BOL very good, I think Life with dogs is right, it will get harder to find a song, but hey I look forward to next week.
    See Yea George xxx

  5. Hi Madi & Mom,

    What a great song for your first entry. I love that song, I was singing along as I scrolled down through the beautiful Madi photos.

    Next week? Maybe a little Cat Stevens? MOL!

    Woah, Woah,

    Cindy Lou and Mom

  6. omg!!!! This is just so darned good!!! You did a splendid job. I think I love the 'pussy cat lips' photo the best. rock!! And so does your 'mom'!!

    Simply splendid.

    My Theme Song

    Have a 'furry' great day ahead!

  7. Whoah! Whoah! Whoah!
    Now I have a "brain worm" for the day! LOL
    Perfect song for a Diva!
    I don't think I want to kiss THOSE pussycat lips! HA!
    Very good photo choices to go with the lyrics!
    Too funny!

  8. Theme Song Thursday is Awesome!!
    Mom and Madi are Fabulous Darling....

  9. What an AWESOME post! Waiting for next week!!!!

  10. BOL! I can't tell if Madi likes her theme song or not!

    Your pal, Pip

  11. Madi,

    Theme Song Thursday is fun! Mom and me luvs it!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  12. Madi, you're a gorgeous pussycat!

    Thanks so much for your thoughts and purrayers for us here on the coast. We pray your daughter and her family (including her cute kitty) will be safe from Earl. Turn to the East, Earl! Turn!

    Maggie May and The Creek Cats

  13. What a fantastic post!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You and Mom are in such good voice!!!!!!!!!!


  14. And the Star of the Show, the DIVA - beautiful.

  15. Welcome to Thursday Theme Song. This was excellent my friend. All the photos go so well. Well done. :) Have a great Thursday :)

  16. What a great post! However, I don't know about kissing you -- looks like you would bite my nose off!

  17. That was great Madi and Mom. We can't wait to see what you come up with next week.

  18. Cute post, great job, Madi and Mom!...Hope you beautiful ladies have a great day...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  19. OH Madi you certainly picked the purrfect song and we throughly enjoyed it! Now we'll have that song in our head all night!




  20. I am new here! Would love for you to come visit me too :)

    Have a great day!

  21. Madi!
    You did it perfect!
    I love the part of the pussycat lips!
    Kisses and hugs

  22. Beautiful! And what a wonderful nose that is!!!

  23. your pussy cat is very cute. No wonder Tom Jones sing about her.

  24. teehee! i love it, especially miss madi's cute little nosey nose. :)
    the booker man

    pee s -- looks like dorky mr. earl was more bark than bite. whew!


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