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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

HAT DAY AND MY WORLD SHOOK a very specical day in Blogville, USA.
The handsome and debonair, Mr. Pip and the most beautiful Ruby, and her handsome Rottie bros, Bart and Gizmo suggested that all of
the kitties and puppies who have been lucky enough to be
"HATTED" by the most talent Mama Judi at SAS
display our hats today.  If you have not been hatted, please click on the Mama J link above to find out all about it.  Until I met Mama J, Sammy, Andy and Sassy I had no clue I could wear a hat; however, as you will see in the following pictures, I'm now a hat girl!

This is my purrty in pink Diva Chef Hat.
I think my green laser eyes compliment the pink

 This is my most gorgeous Easter Bonnet.
Mama Judi is very good a selecting just the right hat and color to match your furs.
 OMC this is Mom's favorite 'cause she is a big, big, big fan of
RED.  Do you see the itty, bitty ladybug on the Santa cap?
Mama Judi is a big fan of ladybugs which she often puts on the hats.
Please click here to read about helping furiends in need.
Thank you for stopping by today.  I hope you enjoyed
the "HAT Parade".

Friends let me tell you yesterday, Aug. 23, my world was literally shakened by a 5.8 magnitude earthquake in Virgina. Mom and I were upstairs blogging/napping (respectively).  All of a sudden her hands started shaking, she raised them a tad and lo and be hold the keyboard was moving.  She bellowed asked Dad if he felt that he said what as he was walking toward the 'puter.  When he got in here the entire desk was shaking. While Dad was investigating things. Mom found me slinking about downstairs, she  manhandled me, grabbed my carrier and stuffed me in it like a Thanksgiving turkey.  Then it was over.  I was about to have a talk with mom about the proper handling and care of a Diva but explained all about earthquakes so I gave her my 100% permission to manhandle me again if need be.
Shaken but not stirred,


  1. We love the hats! How wonderful they look on you. We too got shaken...our mum and dad were sitting in the living room, discussing their grocery list...when the whole house started to shakes. Very interesting day for sure!

  2. I think that should be momhandled! :)

  3. We'll take our Madi shaken, not stirred! Thank goodness you and mom and dad are ok! Very skeery. You lovely just lovely in your hats! xoxo

  4. Oh Miss Madi, you can definitely wear hats. You look ravishing in each of your caps and bonnet.

    We heard you got shaken over on your coast today. A 5.8 can definitely rattle things and cause damage.

    In Anchorage my cat Salem would always get excited or nervous just before a quake. She was the best warning system ever. Did you notice Madi acting funny a minute or two before the quake?

    Hugs & Purrs,
    J, Cindi Lou and The Krew

  5. You looks very purrty in your hats Madi!

    I am scared of earthquakes! Last big one mom remembers is the Loma Prieta earthquake! And I wasn't even here then!

  6. you look so very beautiful and cute! nice shots of photos! :)

    Dog Fence | It's All About Pet Fences

  7. Fabulous Hat Day, I just know you been hatted a lots : )
    and Thanks COD ! You and your pawrents safe !, Paw crossed for no more !

  8. Great hat pics! OMD! Glad you are all OK after being shook uP! Puppy kisses to my BFFF, Miss Mindy PS, Were you singing Elvis's song after the quake? "I'm all shook up"?

  9. Madi,'
    OoH you poor Diva! Dat earthquake sure was skeery. Mom didn't feel it but lots of people where I live did!
    We LUVS your hats and we LUVS Miss Judi and SAS too so come and visit me today and see my hat and leave some comments. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  10. Your picture in the Easter Bonnet is one of my absolute favorites! I am so glad you all are OK. That must have been so scary. It's nice of you to forgive your mom for the manhandling! I am sure she was just trying to help.

    Stay safe!

    Your pal, Pip

  11. We are so glad you are okay! We don't know what we would do without THE Diva!


  12. I'm tipping my hat off to you today!! The most Beautiful Diva I've ever seen:)

  13. Madi, you looked terrific in all your hats.

    We're really glad there was no damage or injury there, from the earthquake. Our news said it was felt up here too, but the mom didn't notice a thing.

  14. Bawhahahahaha! My mom has something called Panera Monday. There's a Panera two blocks from her office. Most days she tries to bring her lunch, but sometimes on Mondays she sneaks down there for their tomato and mozzarella panini!! Of course, she eats it all and doesn't save me any!

    Your pal, Pip

  15. Your hats are wonderful. I am joining in too so pop over if you can. I am glad that you are safe from the shaking.. Hugs GJ xx

  16. Oh Miss Madi...I didn't think you could be any cuter but you are drop dead gorgeous in your hats!

    I am so glad you are all safe and sound after yesterday's quake.

  17. Super pictures.... And wonderful hat day. We're participating in the the SAS festivities too.

    OMC... You felt the earthquake? HH called her friend in Virginia Beach and she didn't feel it. That must have been crazy ....

    Have a great day and no more rocking and rolling up there, pal.

    pawhugs, Max

  18. Glad to hear all is well.....crazy afternoon here also....hubby thought it was the dogs running thru the great room and i was watching the window glass shake ans sway in front of my desk....


  19. Madi you are exquisite in all your hats!!!

    What a scary day you earthquake... and right in the middle of the comment you were leaving for me! I'm so glad everyone in the family is safe albeit a little shaken! We had an earthquake last summer when I was sitting at my desk at work, it was very scary indeed and we all evacuated the building!

  20. You look so purrrrrty in your hats.

    Glad da earth didn't quake here. Dat would have been freaky.

  21. The hat is SO lovely! Sonny Boy was talking to another Californian at their school in Virginia when the quake hit. Both the California natives just sort of nodded and took it in stride while others got a little freaked out. Sonny Boy has been through quite a few of these...

  22. Raider wanted to leave a note:
    Pets are SUPPOSE to warn their moms and dads of an earthquake, Madi!
    You must have been in a deep nap if you didn't sense it coming!
    When I have felt them I start barking: WHO IS SHAKING MY 'HOME'?!?! GRRRR!!
    I guess you can't bark, so maybe that's why you couldn't warn them!
    Thank goodness you are only "shaken and not stirred"! BOL
    Your buddy, Raider

  23. I'm glad that you're OK, Madi. It must have been quite traumatic for you to be stuffed so ingloriously in your carrier. That would be something no Diva would enjoy. I'm glad, though, that your Mom explained why she did it, and that you know that she would go to great lengths to protect your precious self.

  24. That's right Madi, you need to listen to mom on these matters! Glad all is ok. Wasn't that something!

  25. hahaha, you're so funny Madi.

    luv it! sorry if you were scared though.

  26. It does sound like you were kind of stuffed into that carrier but thank COD that Mom was trying to save you. I bet that was scary. We didn't feel it here.
    We love all your hats and we know about the lady bug too. That is so great that Judi does that. Take care.

  27. So glad you didn't lose your hat or your sense of humor when the earth started doin' it's boogie. Whew! Glad all is well, Madi!

  28. Madi, you look gorgeous in all of your hats!! We got all shook up too. I was standing at the door when it happened and everything starting going crazy, pictures fell off, other things were messed up and then it stopped. I thought a bus from the school had run into the house!! It still wasn't on the news so I thought I was really losing my mind! Stay safe we have Irene coming at us! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

  29. Madi you have a hat for all occasions isn't Mom Judi great. While I did not feel the Eartquake(Mom called to check on me) Mom's cubical shook a bit. It was quite the experience and we were glad that no one got seriously hurt.

  30. Miss Madi
    Those were fabulous pictures of you in all of those fashionable hats.
    Wow that was indeed a very traumatic event yesterday,we are glad no one was hurt and we hope that those earthquakes go away...just like Irene.

  31. Madi, you look great in all your hats!!

  32. Madi, I just love you in the Easter Bonnet... it's my favorite. You look so beautiful!! It's you!
    Glad you all are ok after the quake. It was a real surprise, that's for sure...

  33. I don't think the earth should be quaking anywhere at any time. Who should we complain to I wonder.

  34. I hope you remember to go under the table. That is what I teach my students and our school's resident cat.

    Tomorrow, I go to earthquake ravage city Christchurch. When I heard about your quake, I have a funny feeling in my tummy.


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