Saturday, August 27, 2011


Hurricane Irene:  My favorite sis and her hubby live in Morehead City. Please send purrs and warm thoughts to them and everyone living in the path of Irene.  As soon as we hear all from them after the storm, we'll let you know.
Thank you.
Since I never go outside..I asked Mom to take a few pictures of the cute things I get to see from my windows.

 This Chelsea the Cheshire Cat.  She welcomes all our visitors
 Lily the ladybug stands guard over our lariape which is
currently full of lovely lavender flowers.
 Thad the turtle resides in the ivy near our bird bath
 Felix the frog leaps about the ivy but never on Thad's head
 Monty the man in the moon is nose to nose with the globe
 This is Gertrude the Gazing ball
 Rupert the Rabbit is nesting in the ivy by the front porch.
Thanks to my garden friends for posing for you all today


  1. Madi, I like the Gazing ball one, Especially on the ivy pot, look fabulous !!!
    and I do purrs so hard for all who in the path of Irene, paws crossed foe all to be safe
    Have a lovely weekend, Madi

  2. Oh Madi, you have so many garden friends and so many interesting things to see from your window.

    Miss Cindi say staying inside is a really good thing when visitors come into your yard. We had a pretty little skunk on our patio last night. Miss Cindi watched it very carefully from inside.

    All of our paws are crossed and good thoughts are being sent to your sis, her hubby and everyone in the path of Irene right now.

    Hugs & Purrs,
    J, Cindi Lou and The Krew

  3. Madi, you have a lot of wonderful garden friends. :-)

    We're sending purrs to All Beings in the path of Irene, purraying for their safety.

  4. Love the man in the moon! Everything in your Mom's gardens are delightful. She's so nice to give you so many pretties to look at.

  5. I love all your garden buddies - especially that cute little rabbit and turtle!

    We are thinking of you and your family today and praying everything is OK and that you are all safe!

    Your pal, Pip

  6. Pretty garden friends! Praying for family and all in path!

  7. What nice garden furends! Thanks for sharing them with us!


  8. I'm glad that you never go outside. I like to think of my friend Madi safe and cozy in her own home. Your garden friends are lovely. Thanks for introducing us to them.

  9. Stay safe, Madi, Mom and Dad.

    -Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

  10. Paws crossed dat all of your family will be safe dis weekend.

    Thank you for showing us all your furends!

  11. We have family and friends up heh East Coast bracing for Irene - sending lots of light to keep all them and yours safe.

  12. So nice of your mom to take those pics! Gorgeous! We're waiting as Irene is marching towards us.

  13. Madi
    We have been purring for you all day.
    We hope you are safe, and we will purr even more for your Aunt!

  14. Madi purring very hard to hear news about your family member. Those are the cuties garden friends and cool names Mom always wonders what to name things.

  15. Wow!!!!! So cute the gazing ball!!!
    Sending purrrrs to all people and furries in USA! Be safe!!!!

  16. We sure are praying that your sister and her hubby are okay. We have been watching the news all day. We didn't get any rain at all or wind which is good as far as the wind...the rain is really needed. Love your garden friends!! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

  17. Wow, Madi! You sure have a lot of "critters and things" in your yard!

    We are purring for your sister and husband and everybuddy else affected by mean ol' Irene!


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