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Friday, August 26, 2011

A tale of Circles

Purr request for my pirate Cap'n Ripley is feeling poorly.  He and his family are waiting for some tests results to determine the cause.  He is the feline brother of the beautiful K9 brindle Mayzie.  Ripley won my ladycat heart the first time he spoke to me in his pirate accent.  Girls like guys with accents.  Hugs and purrs to you Cap'n.

On a day in the not to distant past, Mom nibble fingers
was putting up her very new (6 mo old camera S8100 Nikon) into its case when it slipped out of her hands.  Mom thought it was ok until she tried to take a picture. The camera case near the flash was cracked.  The only good news is Mom bought a service 1 year service plan.  The repair will take 4 to 6 weeks.  Thankfully she still has her Nikon Coolpix 3200 Mr. Slow Poke but it is continous shoot feature as you will see below

Here I am walking towards Mom
 By the time the Mr. Slow Poke was ready Mom only got a picture of my most fluffy tail instead of an up close face shot.
 OMC then she clicks again and gets my tush in all it's glory
 While circling the room, she snaps again and ta da where is Madi?
 I finally completed circling the room ending up at this humongous
circle on the floor. My laser eyes are trying to X-ray it to see if it is an alien about to invade my inner circle.
Mom assured me I was safe.  This is her new exercise hoop.  It is 42" in diameter and weighted. OMC you should see Mom doing the hula with it.  Evidently, she was a master at the old fashion hula hoop and even though this is humongous it works the same way. To bad Mr. Slowpoke would never be able to take pictures of Mom using the hoop.
 Dad only tries to do it when we are not in the room.  All we here is thump, thump, thump as it hits the floor.  MOL


  1. And what a cute tush it is! Mom just found out her hard drive is busted. That just about finishes up this great week fur us, too. Haf a pawsome weekend, Madi. We'll hop ofur to Capn Ripley and give him sum healing purrs. xoxo

  2. As long as she has a camera, she can still getcha!! Nice hoops but watch out, they may be wanting you to jump through hoops!! Do you have to evacuate??

    jazzi and addy

  3. Cameras are as addictive as computers, I swear. No matter what comes from the lens my dear look MAHvelous.

    Keeping y'all in my thoughts on the approaching "Irene". Stay safe.

    Good news and some MORE good news is my Friday post. Hope your weekend goes smoothly!!!

  4. Mom say her camera is way to slow!!! Or I am to fast! Puppy kisses, to my BFFF, Miss Mindy

  5. This was so funny! I hope Mom's camera is repaired sooner than later. Can't stand limited Madi pics!

  6. Madi, I thinks I'm gonna print off that picture of your tushie and take it to Cap'n Ripley. I bet it would make him feel betters lickety split. Thank you for telling peoples about Cap'n Ripley. I know that all the purrs will help.

    That hoolie hoop is a crazy-looking thing. I don't blame you for keeping a WIDE distance away from it at first. You can never be too careful. (And are you SURE you can't gets a picture of your mom playing with it?)

    Wiggles & Wags,

  7. I've been wanting a hula hoop!! I need to get one :)

  8. Mom's camera is about as slow as mine.

    I need one of those hoops!

  9. I hope that your Mom's camera gets well quickly. Hula hoops! I used to play with them for hours. I had the big one, that went around the waist, and the small ones that went on your arms. I could get them all going at the same time. Now, I'd probably fall down if I tried.

  10. Sorry to hear about the camera! Hope it comes back soon and ready to take movies of mom doing the hula-hoop!

  11. Ooooooh....da hoop! Me Mom was once a hula hoop hers can't even keep it up for 2 seconds. Guess her lost her HULA.

    Yes indeed!!! We are keeping warm thoughts and up to date concerns for your sis and her hubby and family-------

    A category 1 isn't bad, really...just heavy rains and winds. But if Irene goes to category 2 that will bring a lot of surge and high water along with trees and roof damage.

    Keep us posted dear one. As you keep in contact with your loved ones. I know you're scared. I would be too. Hurricanes can be so unpredictable.

  13. We think your tush is almost as cute as you are Madi. That Hoola Hoop deal is hysterical. I can't imagine how that works.
    I sure hope that Morehead City or any of the rest of NC get that hurricane too badly.We have our paws crossed for everyone.

  14. It's frustrating to have your favorite camera in the shop. I loved the pictures anyway...

    We will send special purrs to Morehead City, for sure... Hoping Irene just decides to go out to sea.

    pawhugs, Max

  15. Madi, we are glad your mom is able to get the new camera fixed. We have a very slow one that makes me say bad words on the pictures. If I tried to do a hula hoop, that would be a sight!! We are praying for everyone along the coast and inward...these hurricanes can be really bad. Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

  16. Madi, you are just going to have to slow down a while until the camera is fixed.

  17. Hi dear Madi!!! Have a great weekend sweethearth!

  18. Madi, all three of the boy members of The Kitty Krew want you to know they have voted yours the best tush ever.

    Sorry to hear about the camera, hopefully they will get it back to you soon.

    We are sending healing purrs to Cap'n Ripley.

    Hugs & Purrs,
    J, Cindi Lou and The Kitty Krew

  19. We visited the Captain and sent him our prayers, we hope he gets well soon


    We hope your Mama gets her camera back soon too!!!

    Dory, Jakey and Bilbo!!

  20. Yep, my camera is super slow like that and I get Gracie's tail end a lot when I really wanted her face... I, too, was a master at the hula hoop and up until about 3 years ago when my waist began to grow I could still do it (just not as good). Now .. it's doubtful.. but you have me thinking about it and maybe I'll drag mine out from the garage and give it a whirl. Madi, you make me laugh so much when you say OMC!
    Hey> Where's your bff Puddles? I miss her and don't know what happened to her.. :-(

  21. Slow motion camera has an advantage Madi with time lapse photos of your world wide circle around the living room.
    Purring for your family weathering the hurricane.


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