Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Two Tale Tuesday

Subtitle: Just say Water

Last week while reading this post about Colehaus Cats human trying
to break them from the habit of drinking from a faucet, Mom was reminded
of her water saga with my human Sis.

Sis had a very large vocabulary by the time she was 18 mos.   She could say big words like pocketbook and could put  small sentences together.  For instance, once when she was about 20 months old she brushed against a bush  turned to the bush and said 'excuse me bush'.  However. for some reason she would not say ‘water’. She would ask for ‘la’ when she wanted water. For a very long time mom would giver her ‘la’ while saying here is your ‘water’

Sis of  Madi just before she turned 2.  She loved talking on the phone.

By the time she was 2 she was saying  very long sentences but would not say water. One day Mom told her she could have anything she wanted to drink as long as she said it correctly.  
Sis tested mom by asking for milk, tea, orange juice, pepsi etc. (sis did not normally get tea or Pepsi).  Mom gave her a taste of all of them. Then came the request for ‘la’. Nope not getting it unless you say water. It was a long day needless to say.  Fast forward 8 hours when Sis heard her dad come in the door. She goes running up to him like she has been on a desert and says Dadddy ‘waaaaaaater’. He looked at mom and said you did it…mom said well it took 8 hours. Mom never figured out where the word ‘la’ originated but was sure glad it disappeared because mom found it quite ridiculous, to have to tell everyone what a child who could rattle off big words and sentences, wanted when she asked for la!

Thankfully I don't have to ask for water I have a lovely fountain.

Mom says I got my hard headiness from sis!!
But I do like an occasional sip from the faucet too

This is how I looked when mom and Dad finally got home after spending
3 hours at Toyota yesterday.  OMCs They barely made it home in time
for my early dinner.  I was sure I would starve.
There appt was at 11 they left there at 2:15.
Crazy for sure it was a check up for Gracie, they tested her batter
which needed charging.  That took an hour.  Then after it charged it would
not hold a charge so they had to install a new battery BUT IT WAS
Odd thing was they weren't having any signs of battery trouble. 


  1. We like to drink from the faucet in the sink or bath tub, even though we have a nice fountain!

  2. maybe your sis tried to use the french word for water l'eau?
    I'm glad your Gracie got a new battery and maybe she is like the energizer bunny now and needs no break nor gas? oh that would be great, right?

  3. That's a funny story. No telling what little kids get in their heads. We're glad you have a new free battery. Under warranty are beautiful words.

  4. That is really funny how your sis wouldn't say water. When our human brother was 2 he used to call mums stepfather Wowatoowa instead of grandad, don't know where that came from 😄.
    Gahhhh, I hate appointments that over run so much, you must have been fed up! Usually Hubs hospital appointments do that, ugh.
    Elliot and Cricket x

  5. What a cute story!! We're glad your Sis finally learned how to say water!!!

    your guy Raz and The Florida Furkids

  6. Crikey Madi .... Your human sister sounds like our Miss G. She had a humungous vocabulary from almost as soon as she said her first word and her pronunciation was pretty good too. HOWEVER ..... do you think she can get their new puppy, Herbie's name right? She calls him Herpie and no one can make her say Herbie.
    Remind me NEVER to go to that Toyota place ..... I sure wouldn't want to look like THAT!!!!!!!! You scared me, Madi.

    1. The mat Madi ..... the mat Miss G was supposed to sit on. It wasn't red!!! I bet if it was a RED mat she would have sat on it. What do you think???

  7. Many of the cats here drink out of the faucet. They like it since it is fresh water. Your lil sis was just sure that she was correct about that word. You all have a great day.

  8. Our Baggy loved to get his la fresh from the tap too!

  9. Your human sis is darling there with the phone! I think she liked to make your Mom scratch her head like you do Madi!

  10. I once drank from a water fountain at a dog show, BOL

  11. BaaaaLAaaaaaaah.... THAT is a Frankie Funny fur you... OMD that is sooooo funny. Big words and Big sentences... but a small word tripped her up. Have heard of MANY young'uns calling it WA WA but never calling it LA before.
    OMD We like to drink from the Hose and from water bottles... we can't REACH the sinks though...

  12. My uncle couldn't say Momma's name, even though they tried and tried to teach him and he could say bigger words. He finally got it, but for a while he just called her Nuh-Nuh!

  13. Personally, 'la' makes more sense than 'water'. I had trouble with my 'r's' as a child, so I went to a special class to learn how to pronounce things properly. I remember how I disliked going off into a separate class from my friends. Now, The Hubby laughs at how I pronounce 'hangar', because my family has always said 'hang-gerr', not 'han-ger'. Harrumph!

  14. Ha roo roo roo - we love that story!
    I've never gotten to drink from the faucet before - that looks very fun, though!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  15. I never do drink much from the faucet but I do like to lay in the sink! Have a sip for me pretty Madi!

  16. What great stories, Madi! Sounds like you get your stubborn streak from your Sissy ;-).

    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  17. That sure is a funny story about your sis. We just get our water from our bowls. It would be quite a feat if either of us could jump on the counter to get water from the faucet.

  18. I was an au-pair in a far distant time and the little boy I looked after said Ba whenever he wanted to say Bateau (boat in French). And then one day he said Toh. For some reason he had switched from the first syllable to the second. I left before he said the whole word though.

    Mara from Norway

  19. I have a machine that gives me new food every 87 hours. And nobody has to be home for it. But I prefer my early morning meal. That's when I get the real stuff, not just dry food. Although I did tell Mara she didn't need to buy the stuff with carrots. I am NOT a rabbit after all!

    Miss Oswin from Norway

  20. batteries need to be replaced every 3 years.. mine and bob's is ready now. but he does it himself so far. so you should name your water supply La Fountain.. love the pic of sis and the story.. who knows where kids get the words. la is not even close to water but I am sure it made sense to her.

  21. What a cute story about your Sis, Madi! Oh goodness Gracie needed some new "juice" to keep her running. Good thing the repair people found that out so you'd not end up stuck someplace without any way to get home!

  22. madi....yur sis' wee babee foto iz price lezz....may bee her lurned LA frum de fone conversashunz.... when her called de culLAgan man { culligan } ☺☺☺

    N tell yur mom be glad her dinna take de car in for new tirez coz they wooda said her tranzmission waz shot ~~~~~~~ !!

  23. So cute and funny. Our kitty friend smacks the water than drinks it from the fountain
    Lily & Edward

  24. BOL what an adorable story of your sis!

  25. Good think you don't have to try to say 'water'....but then, you have sharp claws!

    Bet your mum misses all those little hand prints on the kitchen appliances....MOL!

  26. How awful to leave you do long without a sitter.

  27. Water straight from the tap always tastes better, maybe a glass changers the flavour.

  28. OMD Madi, we can see you were suffering! Funny story about your human sissy! SHe looks like your mom in that photo.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  29. When Misty has been out playing and running, she is very thirsty when she comes inside. That is when she LOVES to play in her "LA". Mom keeps threatening she is going to get her a kitty water dispenser so she doesn't have to keep cleaning the floor. LA puddles and dirty paws make for very muddy tile:(

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  30. Story number 1:
    Oldest of the four siblings spent a long, frustrating time trying to teach his younger brother how to say "yellow." Younger brother would always say "lellow." This would drive oldest brother insane!

    Story number 2:
    When I, Chester, was a tiny pup, I lived with sibling #3 for a short while in an apartment and another pup who belonged to the room mate. We had that fountain type of water bowl, and we would splash the water all over the floor! As you might know, I still love to play in the water in the bath tub.

  31. thanks for the fun story!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  32. Not only does Henri get in the tub, and bathroom sink to drink water, he lays down in the bathroom sink also.................weirdo........stella rose

  33. Ralphie gets drinks out of the bathroom sink every day with Mom. Cousin Teddy has a faucet dripping for him all day every day at Uncle Kevin's house for the last 11yrs :)

  34. Love the story of your little sis and saying "water" . Always good to have your own way of doing or saying things BOL Nose licks and love from Moth xx

  35. glad Gracie got a new charge, free is even better


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