Sunday, September 24, 2017

Easy Sunday and Plates

* means we could not figure out the meaning
 this one is for YAM-Aunty and Maestro
I believe this means Butterfly in French.  Princess Leah 
this is for you. Of course it is a beautiful K9 breed
4. BUCKARU, Buckaroo
5. ASSETMAN, Asset man
6. DAEDAE, *
7. 2DLISHS, Two delicious
8. AGIL1TY, Agility
9. YES-2*
11. 911 on a Porsche
14. C5A, Dad says it is a Cargo Plane
15. ONTOOZ, On To Oz 
for all my friends Down Under
16. SUMFUN, Some Fun
17. TOPSGT1, Top Sargent 1
18. KM2BLEVE,*
19. LADY-Z89*
21. FLOWERS4U, Flowers for you
23.LUVFIXIT, Loves to do DYI projects
24. WEDRYFLY, We Dry Fly, something to do with fly fishing?
25. clue at all
26. IGOTACES, Card Shark
28. EXPLOR2C, Explore to see
29. Migh My, very creative My My
30. PUCKNITS, Maybe a hockey and knitting fan
31. LVE4EVA, Love for ever
32. MYMEMA, My Mema nickname for grandma

Mom's sciatica has been screaming at her since Friday night.
She has been standing a lot and she has been treating it with TLC 
She thinks it is on the mend but she is only sitting for about 10 minutes at a time.
If we miss stopping by we apologize but you know when TOGM is your typist
you can only do so much.  Mom prepares our post about 5 days in advance so
no worries about typing all the plates above she did those earlier this week.


  1. Oh dear poor Mom. Sending healing vibes across the Pond.

  2. oh noooooo... I know all about sciatica... ask mom is she knows the stretching excercsies for the sciatica. I have been doing them 5 times a week for almost 2 years. during IRMA I missed a whole week because I forgot to do them. Miss S started screaming, 3 days after I started to do the excercises it was gone again. prayers for your pain

  3. We have to laugh, Madi. We saw your post title and then you sleeping on the "plates" and we thought you were breakfast! haha
    We hope your mom's back feels better soon. That is an awful pain.

  4. Gosh, we sure hope that Mom's back is better soon. That sure can't be any fun. Madi, that looks like such a great place to curl up. Have a great Sunday.

  5. Hari OM
    AAAAARRRGGHHHHHHHHH... pass on my POTP vibes to TOGM pleas Madi - stat!

    Thanks for plate number one - I think Mac1 will be a bit jelly when I tell her about it.
    Now as to plate
    #2 - PAPILLON is the French for butterfly; if it is that language, it could relate to "quand papa etait loin" - when daddy was away. However, this plate may have entirely different connections. In the Fillipino Tagalog there is a term 'papaloin kita' which relates to being the subject of extortion. There is an eBay stealth profile of this name (for purchases you don't want to be known to be buying). Then again, it could just be a daddy who's a butcher...
    #3 - There is a very successful band called the Foo Fighters - think this is someone being silly.
    #6 - Dae Dae as an Atlanta GA-based rapper
    #9 - An expatriate Scot still having a say on 'indy ref'???
    #10 - there's a 'Brodysgg' who reviews on TripAdvisor - they are from Idaho
    #13 - that gal jus' wants to be known (it's a name)
    #14 - yes perhaps they are a pilot of a Galaxy Transport... but they could be a scientist; this is also a reference to a genetic protein.
    #15 - it does indeed say 'on to oz' - but is not a reference to that beloved country; it is the name of the studio (and email name) of artist Andrea Gomez of NC!!! (check it out - lovely colours)
    #18 - K.M. is to believe?
    #19 - LadyZ89 is the tag for a young lady who likes to sing and twitter
    #20 - someone wishing their faith to be known
    #22 - nope... maybe an ordained person with these initials?
    #25 - there's a cafe in Glasgow called 279... but it is more likely to refer to your very own state highway, I'd have thought!
    #30 - there is a profile name Pucknits on Reddit; lots of talk about knitting, none about hockey.

    Good collection there today Madi - and I too love your snoozing plates....err. place! Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-auntyxxx

  6. The plates are always fun. #3, we're going with the music group Foo Fighters. Hopefully your mom will mend quickly. That kind of pain is especially nasty.

  7. We hope your mom feels better soon. As always those plates are interesting.

  8. You look happy and Easy sweet Madi and we enjoyed the plates. Purrs to the Mom from all of us.

  9. Madi you look beautiful as you always do, we are purring for your Mom, we hope she feels better very soon.

  10. You look very comfy and snuggly there, Madi. I hope your mom's sciatica quickly improves. I know it is no fun at all!

  11. We hope your mom feels better soon! Maybe snuggling with her would help!
    Cool plates!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  12. Oh we hope your mom gets feeling better. Funny thing with our mom she got feeling better when she quit doing the exercises the PT people gave her to do. Not that we recommend that
    to your mom
    Hazel & Mabel

  13. We love reading Yamini's analysis of all the plates - she is a very smart lady:) Poor Mom - sciata is no fun at all, our Mom can attest to that. Time to double up on those stretching exercises - our Mom needs to heed that advice too. Hope your Mom is doing better asap. Was she hiding under one of those furries playing blanket volleyball?

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  14. OhMyGosh the plates! I am liking Yamini's thoughts on the plates, too! Who knew on some of them???? Sciatica... ugh! Hope Madi's Mom is feeling better... lots better! Hope you are enjoying your Easy Sunday, Madi!

  15. Your mom should get a stand-up desk. Our mom loves hers!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  16. Sorry to hear about the pain in the...everything! Hoping it eases quickly!

  17. I think #18 is "Came to Believe" likely a Christian driver.

  18. Nice easy, Madi. And your poor mom...we hope she's feeling better soon...and stops screaming! :)

  19. OH NOES! I hopes your MOms sigh-attica gets better real quick! That is just not funs at all! Maybe you can walk on it and gives her a kitteh massage! BOL! just a suggestion....☺ I will send lots and lots of POTP and healin' vibes her way! Oh, butts don't lets her skip out on the sardines!
    Ruby ♥


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