Thursday, October 12, 2017

Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

Angel Sammy and brudder Teddy

Today's 4 word challenges are 
rain, run, ruin, rabbit

Is you a rabbit: a true story

When my sis was a wee girl of about two
there was a ritual all must keep.
 After her teeth were brush and feets
were in her jammies way down deep,
She would run to her bed
Prop her head on her pillow
I'm ready she said.
I've selected a special book that must be read.
Neither rain nor wind would ruin reading time.
As mom read sis's eyes got heavy, the sandman
was close. For a few extra minutes,  mom sat trying to be still.
Mom felt a sneeze about escape against her will
Oh no she thought this surely wake sleepyhead.
Mom *wiggled her nose trying to ward off the explosion.
Sis was a tease often playing 'possum with mom.
She gently touched mom on the arm and said
Mommy is you a *rabbit?
Laughter erupted throughout the room.

UPDATES on Pilling and eating and such

Monday night  MOM mad a special trip to the grocery story to buy a package of lean hamburglar (that is what my sis called hamburger when she was a wee girl).  She divided it into 4 parts and froze it individually.  She browned a portion, drained it and cooled it.  About the time my nose got a whiff of the meat cooking, Mom bellowed Madi come quickly .I ran so fast my whiskers were blowing.
It was my very first tasted of hamburglar in my life and I love it.
I get it as a treat one time a day.  Mom thinks it might stimulate my appetite.

Pilling is no easier.  Yesterday Mom literally took matters into her own paws.
First she hid my pepcid in some Purina soft chicken treats.  I ate them w/o even noticing
Then she put my my daily dose of  cerenia pill (1/2 tablet) in the soft treats.  All we can say is that must be one smelly pill 'cause one sniff of them and I tucked my tail and ran like the wind.
I heard Dad says well what are you gonna do?  Mom say, I will get the pill in her one way or the other. I just haven't decided how.  She went into her bag of tricks, pulled out a tube of
LaxaNip(for hairballs) which I love. She buried the pill in big glob in a teaspoon .I heard her coming too late.  She had a most determined look on her face.  She picked me up, sat me on the vanity in the master bath, shut the door (that is never a good sign). She got my mouth open and in one swift move she got the glob of LaxNip off the spoon with her finger and on the back of my tongue before I could
say Meow!
Moral to this story is when a Mom is on a mission nothing will stop her.
Ruby and Summer mom has joined the ranks of the moms who poke their fingers down our throats.
She says to thank you moms for being the trendsetters!


  1. Hari OM
    Crikey Madi, that sounds like some kinda cruel and unusual pawnishmunt!!! Hope it is worth the indignity... love the story too! Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Mama giggled at your poem today Madi...when she was a little girl she would never go to sleep without a story!

    Sorry your Mama had to be so very rude about your pill, but she only does it 'cause she loves you!
    Arty, Jakey & Rosy

  3. Oh that is a lovely, lovely poem. And Madi, my advice is Don't Even Bother Trying to Resist a Mom On a Mission.
    Toodle pip!

  4. I agree with you, when they close the door we better should run... that IS sure no good sign ;o)
    I love the cute bedtime story... and my granny said she feels with your mom... after reading 87 hours to a kid such a sneeze can ruin the whole effort in a second LOL

  5. Your human is as determined as mine is! She gets pills down whichever kitty needs them, and won't take no for an answer.

  6. My momma just shoves pills down too - she duz it wif Finley twice a day everyday.

  7. Oh my. Oh my oh my. That was not fairly done I think. Even if you do need the medicine. Perhaps she should listen to another song from Mary Poppins? A spoon full of sugar?

    Mara from Norway

  8. Hey! We were going to mention the Spoonful of Sugar song too!! We also like bedtime stories...

  9. Love the rabbit story. Glad the Mom is getting those pills and other medicine down your throat, Madi. Madi, you need to give the Mom a hug, she is working so hard to get you to feeling better. Have a good day.

  10. A very good poem! Sorry taking your meds is hard but you will feel better.

  11. still smiling from reading this story.. love is you a rabbit, just to funny. isn't i odd the things we remember from the past? and never forget. how about a pill in the burger. Jake can smell a pill in burger but maybe you can't. Mom congrats on becomign a Pill PUSHER down the throat.

  12. Is You a Rabbit is a fun poem! Wiggling your nose got you asked if you were a rabbit... hahah! I know it is crazy but I don't remember my parents reading to me. They must have because I love reading. I wish someBODY would tell me I could have hamburger once a day! I hope you enjoy the hamburger, Madi. I think you better just submit to the pill takin' Madi cause your Mom is determined!

  13. How awful for you, Madi! I have never had a pill poked down my throat before. Maybe it's because I'm too much of a chowhound☺
    We LOVED your poem!

  14. Oh boy! Hamburglar! That is a treat and you SOOO deserve it. Good that it has you eating like a champ. You need foodables for energy. Sorry about the pill taking issue but you really NEED that pill dear Madi so be BRAVE and don't chomp your Mom's finger off! We love your poem...........what a special thing story telling time was for your Mom and your human sis!

    Hugs, Teddy

  15. I luffs the thought of you running soooo fast your whiskers were blowing, hehe!
    And I nose what you mean, Mum's wiv THAT determined look are just plain SCARY!!!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  16. Loved the rabbit story - it made us smile. Good job mom! Where there is a will there is a way!
    Hazel & Mabel

  17. That is such a fun poem,Madi. Your Mom sounds like she would be a good candidate for the lead role on Bewitched.

    Too bad about the fingers down the throat approach, but Mom says whatever works is what has to be.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  18. That was a great rabbit story. And yeah.... Moms can be extremely determined at times.

  19. madi....yur rabbitz storree waza hare raizer !! dumb joke we noe coz it waz knot even scaree N way kewl on de burgerz N friez ....ask mom ta cookz ya sum pork chopz

  20. We thought your Mom was going to bury the pill in the hamburglar meat. Sometimes SHE just has to wrestle with us to do the poke and cheese method.

  21. After The Hubby pills Chuck, he gives him a big hug for a long time. Chuck doesn't like being held, but he allows the hug. It's their wee bonding time, so there aren't any hard feelings.

  22. We loved your poem!
    Your mom did great getting your pills into you. I mean, it's not nice to be tricked, but you HAVE to take them, Madi!

  23. We loved your story about the bed time story. Sorry to hear your mom had to resort to shoving her finger down your throat but it is good for you so we have to also say "Well done mom".

  24. That was a great poem/story, very cute. I am glad you like hamburger. When I used to poke my fingers in Phoebe's mouth to pill her, she would chomp down and it hurt. XO

  25. Ugh. We hate when the mom pushes pills down our throats too, Madi. But one thing she does do is give us treats afterwards to help us forget about getting the pill. We're gonna ask the mom to cook up some hamburgler for us sometime.

  26. My son and daughter-in-law read to our granddaughter (19 months old) each night before bed. It is always the sweetest time to get to watch them together. I stick the boys pills down their throats if they get wise to my hidden tricks.

  27. OH GURL! YOU TOO??! Oh, our Moms are just skeeeery when they are on a mission! Wells, at least you gots some good stuffs WITH your pill! You knows, Ma had that same look today when she went to clean my ears ~ they have been real good, so I only have to gets them cleaned once a week or so, butts that kinda made it worse, cause I thought I was outta the woods with all this ear stuffs! Sooooooo, I pawed and pawed at her when she grabbed my collar and came at me with the ear wash! Yes I DID! She laughed. LAUGHED! WTD??! Just thinks of the freeze dried chicken afterwards Ruby, she said....NO! No, that isn't gonna work! She laughed some MORE! and knows the story....Moms ALWAYS win. sigh. I did gets the chicken though ☺
    We are out willed. sigh. gots HAMBURGLAR??! OMD, that is delish! That's an upside fursure!
    Good luck, and if you come up with any new tricks, let a gurl know....
    Ruby ♥

  28. Ghostwriter would make boiled ground beef with barley and vegies for Joey dog when he decided to not eat much anymore. She used the fattier kind of ground beef so he would get more calories. Most of the time he liked it a lot. I'm glad you're taking all your medicine now. Sorry that it doesn't always taste so good, though.


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