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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Happy Tuesday: Letter and Tales

November Reader's Digest and I happened upon this article, 
"The Secret Lives of Letters", by Brooke Nelson.  Mr. Nelson says letters may be small characters, but there are amazing stories behind all 26 alphabet all-stars.
K and L can be found by clicking here

While typing about M and N, this story popped into My Mind's Eye  
I love names and learning the story behind the name: 
people, streets, cities, animals, etc.

My daughter's name, Marlu, the origin is from her two grandmother's first names,
Margie and Lou. We dropped the o in Lou.  We thought folks would 'see', MaryLou".
Of course it is made up and folks expect to hear 'regular' names.
Seeing wasn't the problem for people, it was hearing.
No one understood/listened when she told them her name. 
They always asked again. 
Especially 'older' people, were not listening. 

 (I should add here, Marlu started putting sentences together at 18 months old.  By the time she was two, she could converse with just about any one. Yep she gets her gift of gab from me)  

Many people had the nerve to ask her several times. After the 2nd time, she would put her hands on her hips and spelling
M A R L U,  Marlu that is my name. 
 Countless times she would say, when I get older I'm going to change may name.  We would ask, to what, her reply was I don't know.
At the time I was teaching crocheting lessons
 to a small group of ladies. While having dinner one night, I told her Daddy and 
M A R L U, that a lady in my class had an unusual name.  It was 
Cindy Musselwhite.  M A R L U got a sparkle in her eye,  loudly stating, that is it,
I'm changing my name to Cindy Musselwhite.
She named everything as a child.  
She still has her Panda bear, Biggey and her
Koala bear, Poppy.
We had a Swedish ivy plant hanging at the patio door, she named it Cindy Musselwhite.
Marlu inherited my interests in names.  She gives her pets the best names.
Now fast forward after a few days of first grade she declared...she was
keeping her name.  Why I asked, she told me there were five Michelles
in her class and several Cindys.  In order to keep the class orderly the teacher
added the first letter of all their last names to the end of their first names.
Marlu said I would not like that.
To this day she still get compliments on her name and is asked the origin.


  1. We like the name Marlu and thanks for explaining its origin. Gail knows all about problems with spelling, although in her case it is the surname that people struggle (a lot) with...

  2. People are always misspelling my momma's name - it's Kimberley (and not Kimberly!)

  3. It was nice to hear how Marlu got her name. Whenever Ivor tells anyone his name they always want to call him Ivan. Even spellcheck tells me it should be spelled Ivan or Igor!

  4. After teaching for years and each year having several current popular names to deal with. Something different is appreciated.

  5. Nice to have a special name ... hope you do the other letters of the alphabet, enjoyed this!

  6. I used to be called Marja, which is derivative of Maria in Dutch. I hated it. At first there was a girl in my class that had the same first name and a horrid last name ('yes it is' being the translation), so I would be called an equally horrid name ('no it isn't' being the translation). Then in my teens they would drop the r and I would be called after a cartoon bee. Hated it. After moving to Yugoslavia for my first job, I decided to make it Mara and have ever since been called that. It took some time for the family to catch on, in fact there is still an uncle who refuses, but they did. I have now been Mara longer than I ever was Marja (pronounce the j as a y).

  7. it is amazing that we remember such names for ever and ever the Cindy Musselwhite!!!

  8. Hari OM
    I have no trouble with 'different' names... but then I have had practice! Outside the cities of the Bonny Land, my name causes consternation! I wonder how John or Jane would feel having to explain their name all the time??? YAM xx

  9. I've had the same problem with my name all my life. People spell it and say it in the most outrageous ways.

  10. plus when we say MARLU many times, our lips touch in a kiss... I just sat and tried to say M and then Marlu over and over. no way to say it without the touch. I hate that we are almost to the end of the lettrs. I have enjoyed these.... I intended to change my name, but never did. but I knew what mine would be. Maggie was my choice, it sounded good with McCall, don't you love my two M name? Maggie McCall.... I did name a dog Maggie.

  11. talk about odd, I met a male named Claire, first ever hearing that for a male, today Bob said how can a man be named Michele? he saw it on the news this morning. a football player.

  12. 3 comments and I am out. I just looked it up and the last name if Michel, Sony Michel is a football player. now that is a different name

  13. That is a very cool name story! Hey, about those letters, the Dad says they're good if you string them M N M, melts in you mouth!

  14. Very interesting about the names. Interesting about putting the letters together. You all have a terrific day.

  15. And I thought that I've had it bad, with folks misspelling my name! Marlu is adorable!

  16. How fun. I love learning about the letters of the alphabet. A history lesson every Tuesday. I tried saying M without touching my lips together. Can't do it.

    I love your daughters name and enjoy her growing into her name.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday, my friend. Big hug. ♥

  17. We love how Marlu got her name. It is most unusual and beautiful!

  18. Well, Marlu sounds like an extremely precocious child! My oldest was like that in she could converse in complete sentences at around 18 months too. Her 10-year-old daughter is reading at a 7th grade level, so I suppose the apple didn't fall far from that tree! I believe she will adore her name when she becomes a young woman. It's both unique and reminiscent of what I'm sure are two lovely women.

  19. Marlu is a great name! My ghostwriter has noticed that the age group she cares for at the nursing home have their favorite names. One time, they had four Arlenes, four Bettys, three Shirleys, and two Eleanors! Jane, Rose, Evelyn, and Dorothy were popular names too. Funny how these change over the years.

  20. What an interesting history of the letter N. We love the story of Marlu's name origin and her frustrations with people learning it.

  21. I have always loved Marlu's name, and had also wondered where it originated...thanks for explaining!

    I really, really am enjoying your letter Tuesdays!

  22. We love the name Marlu, and we don't know anyone else with that name. Marlu is one of a kind:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  23. We love the alphabet info - so fascinating AND we also love Marlu's name - we knew the story but never get tired of hearing about it and her!!

    Hugs, Teddy and Mom too

  24. That is a pretty name. One I had never heard of before. XO

  25. We also like Marlu's name!! When Mom was a girl she wanted to change her name too! She wanted Lucinda instead of Linda
    Hazel & Mabel

  26. I like Marlu!!!! What a cool way to honor both grandmothers!
    Did everyone try pronouncing "M" without letting their lips touch, or is it just me? :)

  27. It is a lovely name but I can see how it has caused confusion and how that can get annoying.

  28. I love names with stories behind them - even as simple as "it was my grandmother's name." Growing up, I was so embarrassed of my middle name, Edith. It wasn't until after my grandmother died (the one I was named after) that I gave it the proper reverence it deserves. If you're fascinated by names, try Kathryn, Katharine, Katherine, etc. I've met many and I was interested to find 'Katharine' was a nod to Katharine Hepburn.

  29. I think her name is unique and lovely. She should be thankful her grandmother's didn't share my sweet Nana's name...Dimple Desdemona!

  30. I have always liked Marlu's name... not sure I knew how it came about. But I know now. I can relate to Marlu having to repeat her name and getting asked how she got her name. Very interesting about N and the crashing wave!

  31. I would have a bit of difficulty the first time Marlu would tell me her name. Since my last name is Sandy, I often get called that. I tell the person that is their one freebie and smile. And of course I tried to say the letter M without closing my lips together. Utterly M-possible!

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