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My Mind's Eye
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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Thoroughly Pictorial Poetic Thursday

Today we join Two  SPOILED CATS 
Angel Sammy and Teddy for their poetic pictorial poem.

Here is today's pictorial inspiration

When I saw this photo, I knew exactly what I'd
write about in my Poem.

Sissy by Angel Madi

She was fascinated by the dryer
But I know not why
Mommy may I give it a try?
Note from Mom of Big M:

I could write volumes of poetry and stories about Big M today;
however, today I will just say from the moment she was born
until this very day she brought love, joy, smiles, laughter, wisdom
and fun into our lives.  She is a fierce protector and defender of those she holds near and dear to her heart. She gets her 'smarts' from her Dad and
her gift of gab from her Mom.
I have shared some stories and will probably share more down the road.


  1. ooooh that is a super cute photo... da phenny loves da hair dryer too, he always wants some fur blowing when the mama dries her furs ;O)

  2. Love that photo of you, Big M! Mom knows all about those hair dryers!

  3. Such a sweet photo of this little beauty parlor "beauty"! I'm sure there are a lot of stories a Mom collects over the years. We love your poem today and I'm sure there are a lot of little girls (including me!) who have interesting memories of Moms and hair dryers!!!!

    Love, Pam

  4. Does it make a noise? I hate things that make noise. Like cars and ferries and planes!

    Miss O from NI

  5. That is a very good picture of Big M. She is the kind of child that is a blessing to her parents.

  6. S is adorable under that dryer, I had one just like it during the 70's. once I was sitting under it, it was on the kitchen table, a lightning bolt came out of know where, struck the breaker box and smoke started pouring out. called the fire dept, and it was out by itself when they got there, me in my big pink curlers. sorry for the long story, the photo jogged that memory. I have never seen that many dryers in a row. the most would be 4 in one place...

  7. OhMyGosh, Big M is darling! I had one of those dryers and sat under it all during college... LOL!

  8. She is one cutie patootie.I bet she wanted to try everything within reach.
    You all have a terrific day.

  9. Oh that is just a wonderful photo of (and tribute to) Big M!
    I suspect she has happier childhood memories of the hairdryer than I do... When I was about seven, our hand-held dryer burst into flames while my mother was drying my hair. I wasn't burned, but was given a big scare. To make things worse, my Dad then mended the hairdryer, but the casing that had melted in the heat remained as a reminder of the 'incident' and frightened me again every time the dryer was used. Perhaps I should write a poem about it!
    Cheers! Gail.

  10. Those dryers sure look scary and we enjoyed the cute Big M photo!

  11. We love your picture of Marlu to go along with the poem. She was such a little cutie.

  12. What a beautiful Sissy too. Attitude right there.

    Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday, my friend. ♥

  13. Wow, that's a way bigger hair dryer than the one Momma uses!

  14. It's like the aliens landed on our planet & in order to not be found out they morph into women & spy. No need to go further, but gossiping over the fences is a whole 'nother story.


  15. Wonder if my tinnitus could have been caused by the noise of hair dryers? Hmmm...

  16. What a sweet photo and a great memory of little Marlu!!! We bet you have many more.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  17. madi...big M iz two cute...N we lovez ♥♥♥♥ yur new header ~~~~~

    sneekin round iz hard two day… but we due haz time ta say HI ~~~ 🙂 ♥♥ =^..^=

  18. That is so cute! What a fun memory!

  19. What a cutie patootie! Daughters are so very special. I miss mine living so far away but thank God for Facetime!

  20. What a very cute picture of Marlu!
    Hazel & Mabel

  21. OMD, Ma said Gma used to sit under one of those thingies at least once a week way back when Dino's roamed the earth! Ma said Gma had her own with a 'shower cap' with a hose connected to a hairdryer in a suitcase like thing! Those were the days....☺
    M is totally adorables sittin' there under the 'oven'! Ma did once,and all she can remember is that it was LOUD! BOL
    Ruby ♥

  22. I can see the spunkiness in Big M's face. And yes, I remember those dryers, and even had a home version of them with a soft, inflatable cap instead of the hard hood.

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