Monday, April 1, 2019

Awww Monday and Sparks

Today I am pawticipating in
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In case you all didn't already know, I adore getting email from my Nephew Kat.

Dear Aunty HiC, 
Mom says this photo purr-fectly captures my purr-sonality; sugar with a little spice. Teeheehee!
I love you!
❤️Kat Your Feline Nephew 

I replied,
 Dearest Nephew...I 100% agree with mom and OMCs your nosy is the color of a spice maybe Nutmeg or Cinnamon.
With all my love
Your devoted Aunty HiC... 
are all about spreading cheer and positive vibes via quotes.

 Taken on a glorious Saturday 55 degrees, blue skies w/o a cloud.
 Shelley Lake looking across bottom left in collage above.
As we crossed one of the bridges, we saw these ducks.
 When I down loaded my pictures, I found a happy accident. Ducks and sparkles in the water.

Our main reason for visiting Shelley was quite exciting but alas not very good photos.
Just 1/2 mile from our house we have a Bald Eagle nest.
Click here to read about it

We had hopes of possibly spotting the adults going to and fro
for groceries for their eaglets.  Many folks have seen white heads popping up and

There are notices along the trail with Eagle info and telling folks to
be respectful of their space
Thankful mom and pop bald eagle made their nest way off the trail.  The pine tree must be close to 100' tall and is right on the edge of the lake...near the where the eagles like to shop for groceries


  1. Oh my goodness, Kat is such a beauty. I love love love her eyes!!!!

  2. friends with chocolate are da best... that are even two friends in one LOL

  3. Nice Spark and nice photo of Kat!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  4. Hari OM
    I love your duck picture; my fave frame is the second one and I like the left-most lighting in the twin pic... YAM xx

  5. Kat is very handsome. I like the duck photos with the sun sparkling on the water.

  6. Shop for groceries! hahaha Great pictures of the sparkles and the duckies!
    Kat - you are such a handsome boy!

  7. A Bald Eagle nest!!!! Oh wow, how cool is that. Do you nose when you'll get to see the baby birdies?????
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  8. Kat is darling, no doubt about it. That is cool having Eagles so close. I love your pointy directional fingers... hahaha! Don't you just enjoy those happy accidents when you look at your clicks?

  9. Kat, you are one handsome dude. That is so great that you have an eagles nest near you. Have a super day.

  10. We all enjoy reading your emails Kat. You are a good looking kitty.

    Love your Spark. Chocolate is a good thing for a friend to have.

    Oh an eagle. How cool is that.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday, Kat. My best to your mom and auntie. ♥

  11. Kat you are one gorgeous Man Kat. Your green eyes are mesmerizing.

    Cool. We have eagles on the lake we fish. Majestic birds.

  12. love those sparkles, diamonds in the water. what a surprise. i love your emails from Kat as much as you do. love those big beautiful green eyes

  13. Great Sparks and Kat is Kool, but so are the eagles!!!

  14. Those are some beautiful pictures. Kat has some lovely green eyes! We usually have a few mallards visit our neighborhood in spring. But when they see there are no ponds, they soon leave. Hope you get to see some eagles now.

  15. Love the sparks, Kat is a real beauty, cool about the eagles! So many wonderful things here today.

  16. Eagles! How exciting! Kat is a very handsome cat.

  17. Great sparks and Kat is adorable. XO

  18. Oh, my stars! Kat is so handsome!!!

  19. This is exactly what a cat should be. I love that sparkly water.

  20. Kat would just have to give me that look, and all would be forgiven...and an extra treat too!

  21. We think Kat is just adorable, and it is clear he loves his Aunty HiC!!!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  22. Mom wants to smooch Kat's nose!! There's an eagles nest not too far from us. Dad used to love to go there and take photos.

    The Florida Furkids

  23. Kat is such a handsome fellow! We have been hearing owls but only at night. Eagles are so beautiful
    Hazel & Mabel

  24. wonderful to visit an Eagle's nest!

    Kat is looking adorable, as usual!

  25. How cool that you got to see the nest. Maybe someday you will be lucky enough to see the eagles too.

  26. How exciting to have an eagle family close by you. Maybe one will soar over your house one day soon. Kat has a cute little nose.

  27. that kitty has the cutest little mouth and face ever!!!!!!! Just adorable!

  28. I do loves Kat! and you're right, Kat's nosie does look like nutmeg! BOL
    Ooooooo Bald Eagle! So cool! I hopes you gets to see the babies!
    Ruby ♥


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