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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Tuesday Dog Tale

I'm happy to be surrounded by animal lovers on my
cul-de-sac. Today I'll tell you about 
Jack the tall, dark and handsome English Labrador Retriever who 
lives 3 houses down.

His mom has a monogram, drapery and upholstery business in her home.
Every spring she has an open house the 2nd week of March.
The first night is for neighbors only.
Three weeks ago I attended this year's open house.
Jack wins my heart every time I'm around him.  I mostly
see him out walking his human. However, the night of the open house 
Jack was acting as the welcoming committee of one.
When the door bell rang, all 85 lbs of handsome, shiny, muscular Jack greeted
us with enthusiasm.   Once we had all checked in with Jack, we started looking at all 
the things his mom can make.  I asked if she could make me a key ring with NCSU ( N. C. State University on one side and my initials on the other side. 
Jack's lives with die hard UNC fans....we are die hard NCSU fans
NCSU/UNC are arch rivals.  She immediately told me she wasn't sure her machine could/would
monogram NCSU....but she would try. LOL
I forgot my camera the night of the open house.  When she called to tell me my key ring was ready, I asked if Jack would do a photo session.  She said he'll do anything for biscuits.

His human told us a funny story... about P A P E R.
She can only say that word in the morning.  When Jack hears it, he
does a happy dance in the foyer.  Trust me when I say an 85 lb Lab turning circles in the foyer
is funny.   Other than being handsome and fun and an all around joy
Jack has one job.  When his mom says paper, she opens the door at the same time.
Jack happily sashays down the drive way to retrieve the morning paper.
Once it is in his mouth he sits at the end of the driveway looks around to make sure the 
cul-de-sac is squirrel free.  Then he meanders back to the house checking and leaving pee mail that was left for him over night.


  1. we love the key ring and what a super idea to have an open house just for the peeps in da hood. we like it to to bring da papers and da mail, but we bring it to the staff as a jigsaw LOL

  2. I am JEALOUS!!!!!! Dearest Aunty Cecilia how could you?????
    Playing wiv another dog?????
    Right...I'm gonna sulk (for about 87 seconds!) until I'm given a TREAT!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. What a handsome boy Jack is and smart too! Jack's mom did a beautiful job on your new key ring, Miss Cecilia, and she has a sense of humor too☺

  4. Jack is one handsome dude. A Lab is one of the best dogs. Love the pictures of him. The key ring is terrific. Have a great day.

  5. The key ring looks very well made! How nice. Jack is a cool dog!
    Your middle initial is C? I like CC... you probably, not so much?
    Good Morning!

  6. you know of course, how much I love this post. Jack is just to handsome for words, and he looks so much like our Big... shiny black coat and big head. I would love to visit him.. nice key ring, hope making it did not harm her sewing machine. ha ha… nice to have a business run from home... and really nice to let the neighbors visit first

  7. That handsome fellow sure looks happy!

  8. He is a very pretty boy. I like your key ring. She did a very good job.

  9. Jack sounds like a great pup. I had to laugh about the key ring and her not being "sure" if her machine could handle it. If you ever need anything else embroidered with NCSU I would be happy to help since I don't have any rival feelings toward that institution.

  10. Jack is adorable. The key ring is rally nice. We laughed at the "not sure" comment too.

    The Florida Furkids

  11. Jack is a beautiful newspaper carrier! Glad you got your keyring.

    1. Forgot to say we love seeing that beautiful Bunny up top!

  12. He sounds adorable! And he looks really handsome.

    Klem, Mara

  13. I would love Jack too. What a character and he can collect the paper each morning.

    I linked this post to Happy Tuesday. If this isn't a happy post then I don't know what a happy post is.

    Have a fabulous day, my friend. Big hug. ♥

  14. Jack is a super handsome boy! Momma grew up with labs, mostly black ones, so she has a soft spot in her heart for them.

  15. We love Jack!! He reminds us of someone who lives in our house, except that our black lab is a field lab. He weighs 30 lbs less than Jack! What a wonderful trick, getting the paper! We have a friend who trained her golden retriever to so that, but he started retrieving the neighbors' papers too! Silly Boy!!!!

  16. Hey, that's a cool key ring! Jack seems like a doll, not like the dog that walked past our house yesterday, just as I stepped out the front door to feed The 'O' Cats. The human barely had that dog under control, and I got in between him and my cats! The man said, oh, he just wants to play, but he's five times the size of a cat, and that wasn't 'play' on his mind.

  17. What a cutie Jak is...and such a great key chain! We have friends who have a black lab who also has the very important job of fetching the paper!

  18. Jack is a very handsome pup, and such a good worker too, it seems. Gail wants to know if he is happy to carry any old newspaper, or does he make a judgement on the quality of journalism or the editorial stance?

  19. Jack looks like a very happy pup! The key chain was done so lovely!

  20. He is a lovely boy. I'm afraid if this lot were let out, they'd maraud through down the street chasing real and imaginary cats.

  21. Awww thank you for sharing that story about Jack! He IS a handsome fellow!! I love that he loves everyone so much and that he gets the paper too! Too bad he can't carry back empty garbage pails! BOL!

  22. Bet you were the best welcome committee ever
    Lily & Edward

  23. Jack is a handsome boy! The key ring is lovely and I am glad the neighbour's machine obliged.

  24. Jack is very handsome, he looks a lot like the grands' Angel Gypsy!!! Look at that shiny coat!!!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  25. WE can surely see why you like Jack, he is a handsome fellow! And we love your key ring!
    Hazel & Mabel

  26. That Jack is a very handsome boy, and smart, too.


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