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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Dear Madi

Dear Madi
365 Days ago, today,  I wrote OUR last blog post (with your help), to tell our 
friends across the WWW that you made your trip OTRB.
Friday, September 13, 2019, was one year since you Madi(son) D Cat got your wings👼.
A year and 4 days....Dad and I cannot believe it has been that long.
You will always be a part of this blog...
We miss you each day, we talk about you each day and we smile with all the memories you left in our hearts and in every crook and cranny of  Manor Madi. We count our  lucky stars that you chose us as your (servants) guardians.   You taught us so were like no other.  
Thank you for leaving your beautiful furs here and there.  I found them every where  for many months.  Just last week, as we were packing for our vacation, I found several 
in my RED suitcase.  Thank you for always jumpin' in to help me pack.
I think small things like this that happen every day are
divine iMessages that you are here with us.
Speaking of body parts....
Dad said to tell you your whisker turned CB antenna is still holding strong over at
the Train Brain Depot.

I miss your very 'special' greeting each morning when I entered the family room.
You always walked toward me, with your long luxurious tail flying high (just like in the photo below).  You stopped right by my side for a nanosecond to let me wrap my hand around bottom of your tail. Then you would continue to walk as my hand had the pleasure of holding it as it ever so slightly as passed thru my hands.  
Now that being said, knowing my Diva as I did,
I'm pretty sure that was your very LAST warning telling me your breakfast was OVERDUE.

Lastly you are permanently holding court, on the mantel you loved so much...

and I always tell you good morning and good night!!

We love you two hours and a bunch
Mom and Daddy


My Life was Grand
by Madi(son) D Cat
The time has come for me to join the others
I was not ready and neither was Mother.
When the angels came to fly me up into the sky,
To his Bonsai Bunny my Dad said bye, bye.
They have walked this line 2 times before Me. 
Easy it is not no matter the number of days.
As I crossed the bridge, so many friends greeted me. 
They all spoke at once and were full of glee
Eager to tell me of sun puddles, boxes and food for free.
My friends mourn me not,
Since the day I was born, my life has truly been ‘heaven’ on earth.
Remember I love you. You know how much?
To quote my human Sis, “ I love you two hours and a bunch”.
I bid you farewell and I end this poem as I always have
Hugs Madi your Bfff

March 11, 2002-September 13, 2018
We thank Ann at Zoolatry 💞for capturing the Essence of Madi here in 2 different sun puddles.


  1. Madi, you were definitely one speshul kitty. Lotsa luv to your peeps.

  2. we often think about you and about the whisker... is is a symbol of love somehow... and a very sweet one... hugs to you all is hard to imagine how fast the time flies and how much we miss our furkids as if it was yesterday...

  3. How can it be a year already! Madi was and always will be much loved and missed. Hugs to you both as you remember your Diva.

  4. Purrs to you today as you remember. <3

  5. Very nice tribute. I like the part about finding furs in the suitcase to be a sign from above. Mommy still remembers when she found her cats hair years later after the cat past away on a stuffed animal. she smiled and pet the stuffed animal and gave it a big hug.

  6. Hari Om
    Really - a year already? Gosh Madi - your body may not be here, but your spirit surely is!!! I know how much your pawrents miss you - and we in Blogville do also - but your mum has done a brilliant job keeping things rolling... I am sure it is because you are looking over her shoulder!!! Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  7. You were one very special kitty, Madi, and we just adored you♥ Hugs to your mom and dad♥

  8. I'm sobbing. You did such an amazing job of sharing her with us that I know exactly what you mean about her being like no other - because I felt that way too. I love her spunk and how she seemed to relish showing you that she could (climb, etc). I can't believe it's been a year - it feels like so much longer that we've been without her unique way of lighting up the world for all your readers.

  9. My goodness, we can't believe it's been a year either. This is such a beautiful (and teary) tribute to your dear girl. And of course, as has happened so many other times it reminded dad of old Orbit and how he felt when he saw that old guy off over the bridge. My word how time flies.

  10. It's hard to believe it has been a year. A sweet tribute to Madi, she was like no other. What a very good girl she was... with some mischief thrown in here and there. Love that you are resting on the mantel. You were truly loved ♥ Hugs to Madi's Mom and Dad.

  11. A year, doesn't seem like it. I miss her so much too. I found Country's hair all over the place for many, many months. If I tried hard enough, I could probably find some today.
    Take care,

  12. Angel Madi will always make our hearts smile, she was such a special gal. Hugs from all of us.

  13. I miss her to! your words made me tear up as did her good bye poem. She was a delight to all of us and still is... I did not realize she went over the rainbow bridge just 9 days before our precious Jake joined her. Sept 26 is one year since Jake followed Madi over the bridge. we talk about him every day, just like you do Madi. prayers for your surgery

  14. I found you through her passing. I'm happy about finding you. We feel exactly the same way about our Little Bit. In October it will be 4 years since she went to the rainbow bridge. This post has touched my heart this morning.

    Big healing hugs, my friend. ♥

  15. What a wonderful tribute to Miss Madi. We can't believe it's been a year already since she went OTRB. It's great to know a little part of Madi lives on as a car antenna too.

  16. We never forget our angels! Can't believe it's been one year already.

  17. Madi was a super special kitty, and we'll never furget her!

  18. I miss your Madi too. She was so sweet, wonderful, and the apple of your eye (and you were hers). This is a beautiful tribute. Thank you so much for sharing it. Hugs from all of us...

  19. What a lovely post, reminding us how Madi was such an adorable, unforgettable character. She is remembered with great affection around the world today, for sure.

  20. Madi you sure are missed. *tear in eye* Deeply.

  21. Angel Madi, you left a big hole in the universe when you decided to leave. Although it's pretty darn cool that your whisker is still in use!

  22. It's almost unimaginable it's been a year; time has a funny way of going to fast and yet standing still. We are honored to be counted among the many of Madi's friends; cod only knows what type of shenanigans goes on up in heaven { cars on billboards just to name one } we miss you M....

    hugs and loves to you, mom and dad ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  23. <<>> and much love to Angel Madi, Mom and Dad.

    Hugs and Woos - Lightning, Misty,Timber, and Mom

  24. We have so many memories of you Madi....and know you, Dory and Bilbo are enjoying many adventures together at the Rainbow Bridge!
    Sending many hugs!!!

  25. You have such beautiful memories, as all of us bloggers do, of Madi's delightful character.

  26. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful kitty !

  27. Cannot believe it has been a year. Hugs! We miss her too.

  28. Madi will always be missed. We thought Your Madi died around the same time as my Tigger did just a different year. My Tigger died 9-11-2015 and your Madi die 9-13-2018. beautiful tribute.

  29. We miss Madi every day too. She was a special kitty. Thank you for sharing her with all of us. Sending you lots of purrs and hugs.

  30. Beautiful post for Madi. I love that you say good morning and good night to her. I have photos of all my angels and my Dad that I say goodnight to every night. XO

  31. Such a lovely and loving post for Madi. Sending you lots of hugs and love, we all miss that special diva kitty.
    Mabel & Hilda

  32. Holy cow patties! Has it been a year already??? I likes to imagine that Madi is still here, and just takin' a snooze in a drawer or hamper somewheres. Ready to jump out and make you jump! I miss the Diva tons, so I can't imagine just how much you guys miss her.
    Sendin' lots of loves, {{{hugs}}} and AireZens your way.....
    Ruby ♥

  33. Red ~ the color of love. Sharing love, as you have shared beautiful memories of
    a beautiful girl.

  34. Oh my....a year can seem like forever or like a day. Looking back at all the joy helps fill our hearts all over again doesn't it. Madi was a sweet and loving girl who fit into your lives like a piece of the puzzle that was needed to make it PERFECT. Just as Sammy was for us. I know Madi is reigning over the Diva Club at the Bridge! We all miss her and we all will hold her memory in our hearts but we know YOU miss her most of all........

    Love, Pam (and Teddy)

  35. It doesn't seem that long. She was, and is, well loved.


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