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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Lake Lure Inn and a funny

The sky was gorgeous and exactly this color!!!

I am a huge fan of Dirty Dancing. The movie was filmed in Lake Lure, NC.  
This was my first time visiting Lake Lure, NC
During the filming, it is said, the movie stars took over the Inn.
I don't know the cost of the rooms but here are a few pictures from 
inside the lobby...they will probably tell you it is pricey

Stain glass windows everywhere

 Gorgeous antique furnishings 

If you seen Dirty Dancing you are probably familiar with the 
GREAT LIFT Scene in the Lake. September 13-14 (the weekend after we were there)
there was the Annual Dirty Dancing Festival
We heard may attendees actually re enact the Lake Lift Scene too.

What a breathtaking view of the lake and the mountains
 Lake Lure has a beautiful beach.
 and Marina

Mother Goose and Grimm tickled my funny bone yesterday.
I wonder if our Queen of Margaritas,  Ruby, uses this method


  1. It is beautiful. I've always wanted to stay in a place like that.

  2. It is just gorgeous! Love the antiques and the stained glass windows!

  3. I love Dirty Dancing. The original. The remake was a bit

  4. Mom just loves Dirty Dancing, but dad can take it or leave it. He's more impressed with the inside of that place! They've talked (dreamed) of running a Bed 'n Breakfast in their golden years, and this place is exactly what they picture. Never happen I say.

  5. Beautiful! I could sit under an umbrella in the FALL all day on that beach and look at the water. Love the sights and sounds at marinas. You had to have had a wonderful trip!

  6. The Mom and Dad have been there too and they said it sure is pretty! Love the funny dogtoon too!

  7. You're lucky to visit such a lovely place! Thanks for the photos.

  8. ha ha on the salt on the rim... yucky ha ha. that beach is beautiful and I LOVE those stained glass windows. we just saw one of those clocks on American Pickers a few nights ago. I loved that movie to

  9. Ohhhh, goose bumps here. I LOVED Dirty Dancing. And, I must now say I had the time of my life viewing your photos.

  10. Cool place! And the sky is spectacular.

  11. Beautiful place. I wonder who was replaced by Calvin Coolidge LOL!

    Had a margarita recently--out of a glass, obviously--the rim was coated in sugar, not salt. And the bartender looked confused when I returned it.

  12. Great photos. I love that movie too. XO

  13. I never knew Dirty Dancing was filmed there. Too bad you weren't there the weekend of the festival so you could try that lift too. BOL! Thanks for taking us on your vacation.

  14. A beautiful Inn in a gorgeous spot in the mountains - what's better than that?!

    Hugs, Teddy and Mom Pam

  15. Wow, that place is huge. Very nice.


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