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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Steeple Sunday and Plates

This lovely church was just completed about 5 years ago.
I love how they made it look as if it had been there for years.


1. WEHVFAITH, We have Faith
I thank Janice for sending this one to me
2. LILSCOOT, Little Scoot on a Mini Cooper
3. SCHBOCRU, School Boy Crush was my first thought
what do you think
4. SAVEM, Save them
On a NC Wildlife Conservation vanity plate
5. DRUMGIRL, Drum Girl
Either she plays drums or she is a drum (head) Majorette
6. HILZ, Hills
On an NC State Forestry plate
7. CAROLAND, Car over Land? possibly
on a Range Rover
8. HIandBYE
9. OLSONGUN, maybe Old son of a gun
10.DRUR8, ??
13. ST8FAN!, State Fan
There are millions of variations on NC State University plates
15. HOOS4Ver, Hoos forever
University of Virginia fans have 2 nicknames
1. Wahoos which they shorten to Hoos, 2. Cavaliers


  1. Hari OM
    That is a very pretty spire! Not too many modern builds go to that level of detail.
    Now, as to plates:

    #3 - your's is as good a guess as any. Couldn't find anything that made sense on a search.
    #4 - that is also the acronym of the South Australian Veterinary Emergency Medicine unit... but I guess NC makes more sense over your way!
    #7 - Caroland is a surname of Irish origin so it could just be that.
    #9 - There is a strongly advertised arms shop in Arkansas - Olson's Gun Shop. Where was the plate from?
    #10 - I could only find legal and scientific use of this in references sections...
    #12 - this appears just to be a straight-out name (female)
    #14 - "Drybar is a California-based chain of salons that solely provides a hair styling service known as blowouts. The company was founded in 2008 by Alli Webb." (according to wiki)

    You may not have elaborated on number fourteen because folks in the USA must know it already. Those of us outside, though, might have thought they were teetotallers. Maybe they are that too! YAM xx

  2. That is a good looking church, unlike so many modern ones.

  3. That is a lovely church. #8, HIandBye... I get that one :)

  4. That church really is pretty and we enjoyed those clever plates!

  5. That is a nice looking church. We always enjoy reading all the different plates you find.

  6. I say Hi and Bye all the time at the Y. see someone as we walk by that I have not seen in a while, say Hi and Bye in one breath as we walk by. they did a great job making the church look old.

  7. We love the idea of bringing yesterday’s architecture into today. Some classic designs should never be forgotten.

  8. It does look a lot like a few of our local church buildings.

    Sorry we haven't seen any funny plates lately. But then, GW hasn't been driving around much the last several weeks.

  9. That is a pretty church. So many plates. XO

  10. That is a WONDERFUL church - it does look like it's been there for a very long time - great "style".

    Hugs, Pam

  11. The thing I miss most in new modern churches is the bell tower. For me it's not a proper church without it.

  12. They sure did a great job of weaving that church into the landscape. It's beautiful!

  13. The church is lovely. I couldn't think of any answers but maybe Bilberta is Billy and Berta?

  14. I love that church. Beautiful steeple.


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