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Friday, March 24, 2023

Nature Friday and Feline Flashback

   Nature Friday host LLB Gang  

Feline Friday Hostess Miss Mimi 

 My roving photojournalist, Janice, sent me this photo of a gorgeous sunset.
Photo was taken at her grandson's baseball game in Clayton, 
March 16, 2023

Well here in Dixie Pollen Season is HERE probably for the next few weeks.  I rec'd an email from a young (mid 40's) friend.  This was the last line of her email.  We had spring in February and winter in March:

"Well, stay safe from the pollen! I’ve been seeing funny memes about how we are going to have  HOT summer b/c Mother Nature seasoned us all good with pollen and then put us back in the fridge to marinate so we better watch out for the heat of summer!!!"

Feline Friday Flash back
Madi and her bunny Spring
March 24, 2016


  1. Miss Madi, you turn away.... What's a bunny Spring do ? LOL

    Good to see you dear, and thanks so much for your purrs

  2. Please thank Janice for her beautiful sunset photo. We hope she did not miss her grandson scoring a home run while taking it!

  3. oh that is like a wonderland... this colors wow!!!

  4. I too have predicted a very HOT,stormy summer!!

  5. You should see how my poor fruit trees look after the hard frost we had. Wacky weather.

  6. We have pollen all year and I think our "Spring" pollen has peaked. The catkins from the neighbor's Oak are slowing down, thanks the heavens. A beautiful photo of a beautiful sunset! Love flashbacks of Madi♥

  7. Beautiful sunset photo! We just have mud and puddles here from all the snow melting. No pollen until at least May in these parts of the country.

  8. That is a beautiful sunset, and the tree sets it off perfectly.

  9. Hari OM
    Stunning photo!!! One thing I have learned not to predict is the weather. Other than that for sure it will keep us on our toes! YAM xx

  10. The sunset photo is just gorgeous! A hot summer never makes us happy. We would prefer a cooler summer!

  11. That's such a beautiful sunset picture Janice sent you. Sorry to hear the pollen season has hit you. Ours won't be here for quite a while so you are welcome to come up here to get away from it.

  12. Pretty photo. Pollen has been awful here too.

  13. Totally Awesome Sunset, like the woods are on fire but not scary, just gorgeous!!! the seasons and weather are crazy because our planet is Rocking and Rolling and erupting like crazy

  14. Wow dat sunset is gorgeous!! We feel ya on da pollen here is FL it is on efurything.


  15. What a gorgeous sunset!! It's pollen season here too...the weather has been really crazy here. In any given 24 hours we can get temps in the 60s, rain, snow....and then in the 60s again.

    It's always a joy to see Miss Madi!

  16. That picture is a delight and how awful to think we've been seasoned and marinated in the fridge, but that's most likely accurate. My Sweetie is still sneezing, the pollen will have him in its grip until at least June.

    This is a beautiful Easy Sunday picture, thank you for joining Feline Friday!

  17. Beautiful photo and I love the photo of angel Madi. My niece had a puffalump similar to that. :) XO

  18. That photo is amazing! Oh, that's so true about Mother Nature.

  19. Gorgeous sunset photo........and we think a wicked summer is in store for all of us after an extremely STRANGE winter!

    Hugs, Pam

  20. Hugs to Angel Madi ~ love the photo with the bunny ~ lovely tree/sky shot from your friend ~

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  21. Ha, that seasoning comment was really funny. We're seeing the yellow coating on our porch table. We're all hoping and praying that Xena has a better year for seasonal allergies.


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