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Monday, July 26, 2010

Mad Madi Monday: The Baby Shower..... is the thing......Saturday morning while Mom was preening herself for the baby shower, I specifically asked her to tell me about a baby shower. Seems they are given for a human lady who is expecting a itty bitty baby. Mom told me a shower is another name for a party. I was relieved to learn that no babies would be hurt during this shower. I begged and pleaded with Mom to let me go. She ASSURED me there would be nothing at the shower that would interest* me. She told me No pets allowed. She said if I went, I would have to ride 30 miles both ways in a car (which pretty much sealed the deal for me I don't like car rides).
I sweetly said ok Mom go and have fun BUTT be home in time to fix my supper!!!
Who could tell not the whole truth to this trusting face?
Answer: M O M

Now here comes the 'not whole truth part'....are you ready

There was a table full of food.......
I'm 100% interested in FOOD (not the whole truth #1)

more pretty colored food and punch.
I heard her tell Dad the chicken salad sandwiches were delicious. I'm very interested in chicken.
I've never had a pink drink in a bowl but heck I think I would be interested in trying it....besides it looks very cool and refreshing. I'm feeling sad by now....

There were presents wrapped in pretty paper...
I'm very interested in presents and pretty paper (not the whole truth #2)

This precious little girl in pink is named Madi!!! I would have been very interested to
meet a two legger named Madi... (not the whole truth #3)

There was an itty bitty 3 mo. old baby there. Mom went to a baby shower for her Mom in February. I would have been interested in meeting Stella...since I snoopervised mom while she crochet a pretty green baby afghan for her....(not the whole truth #4)

Ok now this is where I went from being SAD to being MAD
I've never met a puppy in person.... correct me if I'm wrong....but is this not a PUPPY aka pet????? (not the whole truth #5)
I do really and truly believe I would have been very interested in meeting Mickey for many reasons. Mainly ask him why in the world he was wearing an umbrella on his neck.
Evidently they did not explain baby showers to him at all!!! He must have been expecting rain.
I did get 'un mad' long enough to ask Mom what was up with that umbrella.
She said Mickey had a owie that required stitches. Evidently that wasn't an umbrella it is a surgical collar...who knew? See that would have been interesting as I've never seen one before.

Not only was there a cute puppy at the baby shower there was a humming bird sitting right outside the window. I would have been very interested in seeing a humming bird up close and personal. We have them at my house but the feeder is pretty far away from my window.

So dear friends I conclude this post of VERY INTERESTING things by saying
next time you are told some event or thing would not INTEREST all means
DO NOT BELIEVE the teller of this tale. Insist on a personal investigation so that you can determine what is and is not of interest to you!!!
Mom, by the way, is on restriction. No more fun of any kind for at least 2 weeks.
Madi, who is interested in expanding her interests!!!


  1. Unacceptable. I say this calls for bad aim around the litter box...

  2. Aw Madi, it looks like you missed all sorts of interesting good stuff. Chicken, two-legged Madi and hummer birds all sound like fun. What's this world coming to when we can't trust our own moms to tell us the truth.

    Maybe you could throw a party and say no humans allowed. Bet your Mom would be sorry when she couldn't have any kibble or play with the catnip toys!!! MOL!

    Purrs & Meows,
    Cindi Lou

  3. Poor Madi, we are so sorry your Mom left you out of the party, especially since Mickey was there!!...It looks like a lot of fun and we wish you could have attended too; we think you could use guilt to get extra treats out of this=good luck with that sweetie!...We hope your week gets better, beautiful friend!...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  4. Ahhh poor Madi.. That does seem like a very fun party. Oh and won't it be intersting when 'Madi meets Madi'??
    For this, you deserve more treats and more tummy rubs!

  5. Poor sure did miss out on a lot of fun at the party....shame on mom :(
    you know what they say about pay backs.....

  6. I'm very much afraid that you're right, Madi. That party was full of interesting things. I'm not sure about the puppy, though. Sometimes that works out well and sometimes young doggies are real annoying to kitties. I'm thinking of my little brother here, but it's not just him. Bottom line, though, was the car ride. If that part was true, it might still be a deal breaker. It would for our kitties, although there are some who don't mind travel at all. Anyway, it's probably necessary to put Mom on restriction for a while. She didn't quite come clean with you, did she?

    lotsa licks, Lola

  7. So not fair, Madi!! We would have been all over those cupcakes!!!

  8. Madi,

    Ohhh I thinks you are right, your mom was not completely honest with you. I thinks putting hers on restriction for two weeks is a just and fair punishment, hopefully she will learn from this experience. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  9. Madi, life is rough for a Diva.
    Hang in there.

  10. LOL, That Mom should be on restriction for at least two weeks after telling those untruths. Especially the part about no pets. That doggie certainly was a pet. We don't blame you for being both mad and sad.
    Hope things get better for you.

  11. Well, just between you and me...I was at dat shower where it was raining babies AND I hopes your mom DIDN'T drink da punch...bwhahahahahaha!
    Yea, it's been known around blogville dat I gots a thing fur kool-aid. Comes to think of it, dat would haves been more interesting fur yous to be theres...hehehehe!


  12. OH OH, Mom, how could you!!! Hope you get your head on straight these next two weeks! Shame,shame!

  13. Poor Madi,
    Mommy telling you no pets and then there was this DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is just shameful!!!!
    Yes, Cecilia I have been blind in one eye all my life!
    I thought I blogged about it once before. I had two surgeries on that eye when I was 6 and then another at 7 years old. They were able to correct the placement and movement of the eye ball but not the sight. It has been make due all my life!!
    Loved your post today!!
    XOO, Fern

  14. Madi,
    Don't you worry, I will definitely be having a talk w/ your Mom about her "telling tales!"
    But, trust me, you were much better off at home!
    Ms. ~K

    HiC, I love this photo of Madi! She has a freckle on her nose like Sassy.

  15. Aww Madi, you can't be too mad at your mommy, you would had forgetted all the fun things you woulda done after the tramatic ride home.
    (This is an awesome post!)

  16. Gosh, Madi! I can't believes your mom wouldn't tell you the whole truth like that! Well, I find this most disappointing. Wait! Do you think that when my pawrents go out to places called "restaurants" on the weekend - and tell me I wouldn't like to go - that they're telling me the whole truth?

    Um, but I had to BOL at you thinking that puppy was wearing an umbrella! If it ever rains while he's wearing it, I hopes he doesn't look UP.

    Wiggles & Wags,

    PeeS. Oh! We gots something MOST Wonderful in the mail this weekend. Cap'n Ripley is simply besides himself with the joys. We'll be blogging about it later this week - if I can pry it out of his paws.

  17. What a bummer, Madi......things can be sooooooooo unfair!!!!! We would have put our mama on restriction if she'd done that to us also!!!!!

    Maybe your mom will remember next time and take you, sweet Madi. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  18. Madi, Who knew that your Mom was such a bold-faced fibber? Now we are suspicious...what ELSE might not be true?
    We think a well-placed furball is in order...preferably hacked up at 2 AM.

  19. Oh Madi - you mean you still trusted your hooman? Now you will never trust her again (especially when you missed a two leg cub named Madi!!!!).

    There should be a union about these things. Union against Abandonment of Pets by People (UAAPP for long). Really.....

    Hope Mickey's Owie gets better and glad no babies were hurt in shower.

    Outraged on your behalf

  20. Lots of intersting things to hear about - the food, woffie, baby and even the hummer. Thanks for stpping by last week- Mom is feeling a bit better and will go to a specialist next week.

  21. Madi--Obviously, Mom wanted to have all that chicken to herself. Personally, I think you would have made a lovely addition to that table, taste-testing different dishes and guiding people to the really yummy ones.

    Glad Mom is under restriction, Keep her at her computer where she belongs, blogging news of you.

  22. Well that is obviously not a puppy - it's a canine satellite dish. They must use him so they can watch Animal Planet on the teevees!

  23. Oh Madi, I bet you set Mom straight!

  24. Madi
    YOU are absolutely right.
    The only thing that would have been difficult was the car ride. We don't like car rides either, but everything else you should have been able to partake in.



  25. Looks like your mommy had enough fun for the year! You must be strict with her or she will be showering all over the place....I'm just sayin'....

  26. Poor Madi, sounds like you missed out big time, well apart from the car journey.

  27. Wow Madi, were you conned on that one! That was a lot of lying your mom did! And did she at least bring you some treats from the shower - because I didn't see it mentioned - I think you need to add on some time for that one! The least she could have done after all that was bring you a treat or something!!

  28. Looks like mom just made it to your poopie list. Want us to send you some pink drinks?

  29. Wow Madi we have never been to a baby shower either we were told we would make to much of a mess. But we do have a hummingbird feeder close to the kitchen window and it drives us crazy. Will's cats.

  30. Madi!
    Sure you have good reasons to be mad!
    Kisses and hugs

  31. It looks like you missed out on some really interesting stuff, Madi, but remember, you still would have to ride 30 miles both ways to see all that interesting stuff...and that would not have been fun at all!

  32. I agree with Jack... not sure that was a dog. I think I saw him on my neighbor's roof..

    You go and have your own adventures Madi... you deserve it!

    Licks from me


  33. What a cute post! For the hummingbird, you can fix that! We have a window feeder for our hummingbirds.. Lizzie loves to sit there and watch them coming and going... :o)

  34. Oh Madi!! Moms just sometimes don't understand what we really want!

  35. LOL Madi you make me smile with my heart. You are such a smart and witty kitty. Don't mind me, I'm going to SMUSH you with lovins right now. I lub you kitty!!!!


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