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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Caturday Art ....Dona Nobis Pacem

in honor of ..
Scroll on down and you will see why this is flashback is appropriate

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FYI we have a resident Artist...many of you know him as 
DAD of Madi!!

Raise your hand if you remember when wooden purses were IN?
Evidently Mom does (remember she is older than dirt). Are you ready here we go.....
When Mom was 19 (~1968 aka Stone age), she worked part time in a fancy clothing store. The wooden purses were very popular. She and my Dad had just started dating. Often she mentioned to him how much she admired the purses. Well Dad started to secretly investigate the wooden purses because he wanted my Mom to have one. After careful consideration, Dad concluded that he could make one for her. He worked on it for a very long time. Finally the time came to give it to my Mom. As I've mentioned, many times Mom is a squealer and I'm pretty sure she S Q U E A L E D long and loud when she saw this beautiful wooden purse made with love and care just for her. Dad bought the unfinished purses at a hobby/art shop. He hand drew each of the butterflies on the purse, painted them in their authentic colors,
painted the edges of the purse,note the itty bitty tiny orange line in between the yellow and brown. The brown semi-circles were made by tracing 1/2 of a penny
After all the painting was complete he put several coats of lacquer on the purse to perserve the drawings and the paint. Here it is 48 years later and the purse looks nearly perfect.Mom said she was so afraid she would dent it she only used it on Sunday. It has been stored with tender love and care over the years.

If you enlarge the pictures, you might see that each butterfly has tiny jewels on its wings that sparkle. The name of each butterfly is also either above or below the drawing.


  1. What an amazing purse! And even more amazing that it looks like new 48 years later.

  2. Mom remembers wooden purses! She has her mom's wooden purse and she's so happy to have it☺ Your mom's purse is beautiful, Madi, and very special indeed!

  3. Oh yes - we remember this wonderful wooden purse your Dad painted for your Mom....totally amazing and the butterflies are beautiful on it AND on your Peace Globe too!

    Hugs, Teddy

  4. We remember that purse that the Dad made for the Mom. It is gorgeous. He is quite talented.You all have a great and peaceful day.

  5. I remember wooden purses and I remember this wooden purse... Dad of Madi did an amazing job. Very detailed and beautiful piece of work.
    And yes, Grant Us Peace!
    Good Morning, Madi and Family!

  6. Hari OM
    OMC that is stunning!... when I designed that peace badge, I had no idea it would hold so much memory for you!!! It is a fabulous symbol... hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  7. it truly is beautiful and you DAD is truly a gifted painter/artist. the buckeye butterfly is my favorite today... I just checked and wooden purses can still be bought, but they are not shaped like this one. I do remember these purses, my cousin had one... it is a work of art and needs to be preserved and used as a decoration now

  8. Lady loves that purse. May we find the beauty in others that we find in items like our purse and may this lead us to peace.

  9. We remember seeing that purse before! It's beautiful! Dad is good at building and fixing things, but he is not very artistic. He keeps saying he wants to build shelves and cabinets all along the wall in the living room for storage. But ghostwriter says no. It would end up looking just like his workshop in the garage!


  10. That is such a cool purse and so special that your dad painted it himself.

  11. We do remember this post and how loving and considerate your Dad is!!! That purse is a treasure for sure.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  12. I had a baby blue wooden purse and treasured it for years. Yours is absolutely gorgeous and what a wonderful story of love behind it.

  13. That is amazing! Sadly, we're putting out cat down on Monday. I feel awful.
    Thanks for trying my puzzle!!!

  14. Happy World Peace Day!
    What an amazing purse! You husband did a fabulous job. The butterflies are exquisite.
    I too wanted a wooden purse back then and my Mom bought me one. I did not like the pictures on it and repainted it when I went to art school.
    Alas, mine got lost in a move in the early 80s.
    We should start a trend to bring Wooden Purses back!
    Love Barb

  15. What a beautiful story and Beautiful purse. ❤️đŸ’•

  16. The mom says that purse is amazing...and how purrfect it looks now.

  17. Our most favorite B-Cat romance story!!! Love that purse for so many reasons!

  18. Your Dad is quite the artist pretty Madi! Peace to everyone every day.

  19. That is such a special gift your Dad made. It is beautiful. XO

  20. Wow! That is beautiful and so so special
    Hazel & Mabel

  21. OMD/OMC I remember this! And, that purse is STILL AMAZIN'!!!! I bets it could hold like 87 milkbones! ☺
    Ruby ♥

  22. What a beautiful wooden purse. We have never heard of such things but they are lovely. Happy World Peace Day too :-) Nose licks and love from Moth xx


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